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(all at once, with gusto!) Once upon a time there was a single dad who was also a filmmaker who needed funding so that he could make an international film series that somehow made people feel hopeful about humanity's ability to do better on the planet--while they also learned about the true stories of survival of indigenous cultures and wild salmon. What do indigenous cultures,their rights as humans and wild salmon have to do with you? Come along for the ride and find out.
I am creating an international film series where true stories of survival converge for: wild salmon, salmon-connected indigenous peoples, and dedicated community and environmental activists.

I'm a USA-based filmmaker who is drawn towards hard-to-tell stories regarding environmental and social justice causes.  In 2017 I was working on how to get to Vancouver Island from the east coast of the USA to capture a story about the fish farms endangering wild salmon populations and the First Nations fighting back against these farms.  That's when I also came across Martin Lee Mueller's book-Being Salmon, Being Human.. After reading that book, I realized that the book should really be the beginning of a movement...and for me it started one! This film series is my contribution.

What you can do to help!
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What Your Support Means
I have already successfully fundraised for and filmed for 9 days in Vancouver Island (August of 2018).  I have a TON of wonderful interviews and footage from that journey.  I am seeking monthly Patronage to support my work in editing that footage so I can release it as webisodes on Youtube, Facebook.  I also need the space and time to release the longer interviews in audio format in Podcasts.  Besides being busy editing I am also working on securing funding for future trips for filming the series in new locations.

Future Filming Locations and who with!
  • With the Ryukyuan on Ishigaki, Japan (September 2019)
  • With the Ainu in Nibutani, Japan (September 2019)
  • With the Sami in Norway (TBD)
  • With activists in Nova Scotia/Newfoundland (TBD)
  • This list is not done yet!
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This $1,500 is an ideal $ to hit.  If I make this a month, it means I can really work hard on SalmonFolk Films without looking over my shoulder for other paid work that takes me away from creating and releasing these important stories.
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