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is creating retro games and an online gaming platform.
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All Patreons who plege $5 or more get access to our arcade of released, unreleased, and WIP titles.


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About Salt & Pixel

Hi! My name's Brandon Rodriguez and this is Sugar, we are Salt & Pixel.
We make games and for over 5 years we have been devoted to making niche and retro games and have been featured on Gamejolt and Newgrounds.
We build in the Construct 3 engine and do 95% of the artwork.

Here a few places we hang out at:

We love retro games and would like to build a nice catalog. Our philosophy is to be simple and true.  Here's some of our work:

Why do you need Patreon?

We want to make games full time. To do that we need a source of income to pay for stuff like rent, food, and cat litter - all while spending up to 80+ hours developing prototypes and game mock ups. We will also use the money to hire pixel artist, illustrators, video editors, developers, purchase software and equipment, and buy materials for custom arcade cabinets. Also... The game are hosted on my website allowing them to be streamed. I want to improve the site and functionality. 

How often do you make a game?

We can make games pretty quick - but the more time we can put into a game the better it will be. CULT took us 2 weeks to complete but CRUSH has taken over 3 years. We don't believe in full or early access. We develop based on priority because our games are always open to improvement. The goal is to release or update a game each month. Under the right circumstances, both.

What is in it for me?

Patreons who pledge $5 or more get access to my online arcade of released, work-in-progress and unreleased games. Everything I've ever made, in its most current state.
Pledge $10 or more and you become a part of the "Foundation" of Salt & Pixel and will be featured in the credits of new games and get a cool pixel avatar. like this one:

What's in the future for Salt & Pixel on Patreon?

This is only the beginning. I hope to build a community to explore game development with and one day tour america with my cabinets and meet my Patreons.

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