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is creating fighting game videos, content & podcasts
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About Salt Shakers

We play fighting games, help grow the fighting game community and created our own podcast, our main source of content. We've been apart of:

- $100 money match organised at a Hamilton major between two players (their money, not ours)
- 3v3 SFV & T7 tournament for Make-A-Wish Foundation (sign-up fees donated, raising around $220)
- Soul Calibur VI showcase on Omen stage, Armageddon; the week of release

The 4 of us focused the podcast on our own scene here in NZ, we're expanding.
It takes alot of time & editing to create this. We co-ordinate our schedule with the chosen guest, set time to research, explore visual ideas, etc, resulting in a well-rounded episode. There are things we've yet to incorporate fully, like a thank you page, live face cam, promoting other content creators, etc. This is just a passion project, but asking for help never hurts. 

All contributions will go towards maintaining & evolving our content. Thank you for all support given & sent.

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