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Your very own dedicated spot in the Classifieds minizine to infuse per personal preference, not to be less than a quarter of a page.

A personal inscription in the "List of Curers", to be featured in the zine. If including your legal name could be professionally blasphemous, we're open to running the name of someone else.

The most recent SALT t-shirt- just let us know what size.

Incl. all the benefits of Brack Attack & Digital Delights above.




Exploit the cavernous niche vacated locally by those that are seeking more MOR (middle-of-the-road) BS (yep) fluff click-bait. Not afraid to throw punches but not petty (when to allow nom-de-plumes vis-a-vis nom-de-guerres when the casus belli IS the M.O.?). Tough question when you’re being asked to fork it over, but you really have to spoonfeed.

Combining critical with the satirical, visual and literary arts, reviews, write-ups, intelligent discourse.

We're the salt in the uninformed wound, curing the dead meat, lining the sweet wet rim for your total palate pleasure.

Take the city with a grain of us.

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