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Hello, this is SaltyTank, a web novel translator and one of the founders of Verdant Lore. I'm currently focusing on translating shorter novels and novellas. I have recently completed As Beautiful as Ever, the Bells Sound under the Starry Sky, and will be picking up another novel shortly. My other projects include Abyss Domination (dropped) and The Crimson Dragon (dropped and picked up by others).

So, why am I here? I love reading web novels and light novels, and as a reader, I always had the thought, "It's a pity that no one translates this series." That is why I dived into the world of translating—to repay and contribute to the community. Perhaps surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), translating takes way more effort than I thought, not to mention editing. It takes hours of taxing work on every chapter, and I honestly respect all the translators who devote themselves to delivering high-quality chapters for the readers.

I'm grateful for all the support from all of you, my dear readers. Communicating and messing around with you guys on discord is certainly fun, and I hope you can continue to support me on this journey. By becoming a patron, you can help me produce more translations and not worry about the electricity bills. While there are currently no benefits such as advanced chapters as of now, these features may come in the future, so be sure to stay tuned. I hope we can enjoy reading translations together, not just as independent readers, but as a community.

Why become a patron?
By becoming a patron, you can help me pursue further in the field of translations, which is one of the reasons I started translating and came to love it. I am currently preparing for a translation qualification examination, but it will take a considerable amount of effort and funds for me to sit for the exam. Benefits as of now are more community based, meaning my release rate will be increased when goals are met. There may also be individual rewards in the future, but there are none as of now.
SaltyTank ^_^

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Thanks a lot for the support! While the reward may not be much, I'll be posting one additional chapter per month for whichever novel or series I am working on. 
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