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is creating Abstract Artworks
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About Samantha Hurst Artist

My name is Samantha Hurst and I am an intuitive abstract artist.  I paint from within and try to create artworks that quiet the mind and take you beyond personal thought.  I started to create art when I needed to find this peace for myself and realised very quickly that people were getting something from viewing my art, something that gave them a feeling of peace and a connection to the oneness that we all are part of.  I have a very popular Facebook page with over 100,000 followers and my art is well loved but does not at present financially sustain me.  I would love to keep on creating art that helps people connect to their innate mental health and to do so I would love to be assisted financially.  My main aim is to help others through art.  If I can take the need to turn my art into money and just paint to give others peace then I can get on with creating without the pressure of having to sell work.  As much as others love my work they do not always have the money to pay for it.  I am currently on a course that mentioned Patreon and it sounded like just what I have been looking for.  I would really love some help and if some of my Facebook fans just gave $1 each it would enable me to continue creating my art.   There is a video above that was made by a filmmaker who was inspired by my work and what it represents and my desire to help those who maybe suffering.  Thank you.  With love Sam
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