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is creating music from where her soul meets the soul of the earth
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About Samara Jade

I'm Samara Jade, a songstress on an ever-unfolding journey of what it means to be a roving bard, narrating my life and this crazy trip of a human experience through song form. I am grateful for the tool of songwriting for helping me integrate experiences, metabolize emotions, and to praise the beauty of the underlying layers of existence.  Music for me is medicine - I craft songs that my heart needs to hear, repeatedly - and it brings me great joy when it turns out that other humans find medicine in these songs too. 

I've got a lot of musical influences and backgrounds, from jazz to musical theater to folk to prog rock, and somehow it all snakes it's way into a fan-coined genre of "Philosopholk," which I'd like to think speaks to how my music can both open the heart and stimulate the intellect.  There's also a sub-genre of the music I create which is more akin to group/community-singing songs, aka rounds and other teachable repetitive songs that are fun to sing with groups of people or to keep in your sonic medicine pouch (my most well-known and far-spread one being "I am Protected by Angels." People keep asking me if I have any of those recorded, and I don't, but one of my goals is to record an album of all of these short songs.  

This June I released my third album, "Wave of Birdsong," (you can listen to/download it here) which was the culmination of several years of work and collaboration with some of Asheville's finest musicians.  I've got at least three or so albums worth of unrecorded new material that I've written since the inception of this album, and no plans of recording another full-length studio album anytime soon...


People keep on asking me "Is ____song on any of your albums??" and I have to keep saying no, so I decided I wanted to create a platform to share demo recordings of these songs to fans who want to hear these songs and more about the behind the scenes process, and in turn, support my music-making habits!  

I am a full-time least full time in the amount I work that goes into it (believe me, very little of it is actually playing music - I spend waaay more time on the computer booking and promoting gigs!!), and am ready to shift that into being more supported in having more time to focus on the creation and recording of these songs that come through at a rate far faster than I've been able to capture!!

This Patreon thing is new to me, and if supporters have ideas/requests of things you would like to see/have access to as supporters of me, please let me know!  I am beyond grateful for your support, every little bit helps make it easier for me to share my music with the world in a viable way.  

Endless Boundless Gratitude,

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Community-Singing Medicine Songs album
People keep asking for recordings of my shorter, singalong "medicine songs," which are not recorded anywhere.  I've got several dozen that have come through over the last few years so it will be a project to record them, but I will do it if I can get enough support!
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