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HI, my name Samar Anand, I'm 14 years old, but not technically I am 4 years old, I was born on 29-Feb-2004. I was having a happy life until my father died, he was dead on 12-May-2012, well I don't want to share that side of the story. now I am living with my mom, my mom is physically handicapped (she does not have her right leg till her knee). so we were in a situation where we two have to live but none of us have a job, I was 10 years old when my mother started working as a librarian in a college, well the salary was around 10,000(around $140) that was until 2017 may, she got fired for something she didn't do, well I don't want to share that side of the story too. but I learned 3d animations, 3d graphics, 3d .modeling, texting, a lot of other things, well now I have work in my hands, but this work does not pay me anything, I tried to become freelancer but there were some degree I need, I have none, I think at the age of 14 none of the ordinary child would have a degree. I started posting my artwork on Instagram. well you guys can follow me on Instagram click here to follow me, now we need money to live, with no job because of my mom being handicapped and me being age restrictions we had no money even to eat the food, then there was a guy who I know like he was my fathers friend, and he owns a graphics studio, I asked him to help. he said "I cannot help" so then I asked him for a job. I talked to him for a few minutes he agreed but he gave me one condition, I should get my own pc. with decent specs also it would cost me a $1000.I have $2 in my pocket now I need your help to get that job, I need your help to live, so if you guys can help me or wanted to help me, please donate me at least a $1.


I don't have PayPal because of age
but here is my mother bank account information
a/c no:-126010013000238
IFSC code:-ANDB0001260
bank name:-Andhra bank
account holder name:-y.subhadra
I am sharing these details in case if you guys want to help me directly,

All these are my needs
in case if you guys want to send me anything directly to me
my address is 
7-8-188/2b, beside st.Joseph high school, Gouthamnagar, Ferozguda, Hyderabad-500011, Telangana, INDIA.
$0 of $175 per month
My monthly bills(electricity bill, internet bill, house rent, and etc...)
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