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About Sam Segal

Hi, I’m Sam and I have a passion for art. 

I'm an artist, writer, and published author and I’ve made it one of my goals to try and make a living from doing what I love. I work hard every day to improve my skills and grow, not only as an artist, but as a person as well. One of my biggest aspirations is to motivate and help others with their goals too! I want us to enhance our skills and learn together, and I do my best to help teach and share my knowledge with everyone I can.

I work on various projects all the time, including tutorialsproduct reviewsnovelscomicsstock resources, and more! The time and money that goes into these projects can be a big sink, so I'm using Patreon as a means to help offset those costs!

My main project I'm working on right now is my comic! It's about a girl who unintentionally embarks on a journey into the woods where she encounters magical humans who can transform into animals.

It's a sketch comic for fun and to learn, and I've shared my entire process, from character design, all the way to finished pages. You can start reading it here! Pages are free to read, but patrons get early access to read ahead! Feel free to join weekly #ComicFriday's over on Twitch where I draw the comic pages live!

Check the 'comic' tag to see everything related to the comic!

My watercolor journey has been a little random, but since my commitment starting in January of 2018, my mission turned into finding the best cheap paper and learning as much as I can. I want to share my journey and knowledge with all of you! As I learn, I want ya'll to learn.

From video tutorials to notes from my sketchbooks, I try to teach you all what I've figured out and what I'm currently doing. I want to take my watercolor beyond just finding the cheapest paper (but let's be real, I'm still looking!), to actually getting skilled with the medium.

Check the 'watercolor' art tag to see more of what I offer!

Like with my watercolor painting, I'm on a journey to learn more and more about digital drawing and painting, and I'm happily taking you all on the ride! As I learn new things and explore new ventures, I try to share that knowledge with all of you!

Be it a full on video tutorial or notes from my art processes. I try to show you guys new things or routes you can take with your art so you can get better too!

Check the 'digital' art tag to see more of what I offer!

Feel free to check out my works:
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If you're a fan of what I do and love my content, consider donating here on Patreon or Kofi to help me keep producing more stuff! If you've ever found my tutorials or advice useful, been inspired by my works, have used my resources, and want to give back, this is one of the best ways to do it! Your support directly goes back into funding all my projects!

I don't currently make a sustainable income with my art, which makes it difficult to continuously deal with expenses like art supplies, internet, food, and other bills which hinder my ability to grow and expand in ways that I want as an artist. Any support REALLY helps me out!

Can't financially support me? That's okay! Please share my work, be it my blog posts, YouTube videos, or social media accounts, around with friends and family. Maybe a tutorial of mine could be useful to someone? Or perhaps someone is in need of a good book? Word of mouth helps me a lot and I really appreciate it! Thanks so much <3
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