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Your support enables me to use my time to focus on bringing you lessons, music and extras to my YouTube Channel. Thank you!

Supporters will be able to access exclusive material such as TABS, Backing Tracks and Songs that I release (as and when I create them)

I'll also share practice and advice blogs which will be exclusive to this Patreon page.

Supporters also get Skype Lessons for £30 per session (Subject to availability and booking them with me)




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About Sam Bell Guitar

Thank you for checking out my Patreon Page!

I have been making YouTube Guitar lessons, Gear Demos, and uploading original Music since the beginning of 2010.

Why a Patreon page?

To keep making and improving the lessons I need to be able to have more time for both production and research. For me to invest more time I need to spend less time on other work that I do and that means that I will earn less money. 

How does it work?

Every month I'll be publishing Lessons, Advice, Gear Demos, Performances and Original Music as and when I have time between other musical work. (My Goal with this Patreon is to be able to do more of this!) Each time I do so, I share that lesson here and mark it as a piece of content that you're supporting. 

What does it give us in return?

By supporting me via Patreon you are directly helping me spend more time on creating interesting material for the YouTube channel. You'll also have the chance to choose what topics I include in videos.

For me the Patreon page can be a way of giving something back that can help you further in your journey exploring Music. I'll try to offer additional material, new things I am checking out, peeks behind the scene, early announcements and other exclusive content.

I am also hoping to use patron as a community. A place where we can not only hang out but I can also get feedback and evaluate ideas for new videos. You are the people who really want to support the lessons and help me making the content it seems logical that your feedback should help shape it!

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