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  • Private Exhibitions by Sameer Hazari with videos, interactive 3D and Augmented Reality.
  • New immersive works shared with visitors every month before they go public.
  • First Look at New Releases
  • Downloadable goodies for personal use, like wallpapers, educational content and quick tips.
  • Online Viewing via Desktop and Mobile Browsers, no app-installs required.
  • Be the first in-line for Beta testing our future products.
  • Learn how augmented reality impacts different aspects of everyday life.

Muse Kit

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  • Become a work of art
  • Submit a memorable moment of you, your pet, an old memory, or a picture of a loved one.
  • This submission is then painted in a style of your choice based on previous works, then it is animated and augmented.
  • A special piece for everyone, but a great addition for Influencers, Brands and Publishers.
  • Embed artwork with AR anywhere, record AR sessions and share with your community.
  • Plus Visitor Kit Benefits.

Concept Kit

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  • Submit your idea: an image / presentation elements / logo, one each month.
  • This idea is turned into one concept art image for you every month.
  • A must-have for Chefs, Designers, Marketing Studios, Musicians and Photographers.
  • Embed Your Concept anywhere. Record AR sessions showing your concept in full glory.
  • Share with your community and stand-out.
  • Plus Visitor Kit Benefits.

About Sameer Hazari

About our Studio
  • My studio helps you become better storytellers through mixed reality visualisation software. 
  • Becoming our Patron furthers both your work and ours. 
  • Our long term mission is to democratise immersive content and to make this technology ubiquitous to all. 
  • With your support we get closer to fulfilling our mission, grow our team and expand on equipment.
  • As an artist I’ve always wanted my work to be displayed in ways that deepens the relationship between the subject and the viewer. 
  • Experiencing a work of art shouldn’t be restricted by its exclusivity or location, we should be able to experience it anywhere. 

Your Support

  • This road to abundance starts with your support. 
  • By becoming an early Patron you’ll become an integral part of our journey, experience personalised immersive content, exclusive videos of our 3D augmented creations and insights into the technology.

About Kits
  • All kits come with augmented reality capabilities. 
  • Kits benefits are additive. This means that when you level-up, you carry all the benefits of all the kits below yours.
  • You can edit your pledge amount at any time.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime.

About Experiences

  • Experiences are live 3D environments that you can explore through your desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Our experiences come with augmented reality capabilities which can be explored through mobile browsers.
  • Every experience is captured in 4k video with our state-of-the-art realtime rendering workflow automations directly through browsers.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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