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is creating a wide-spectrum of audio/visual media, and product prototypes.
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About Sam Hayek

I grew up in San Diego, and I consider myself a creative researcher. -- At my core I'm an artist, and I am infatuated with the process of generating new artwork, whether that takes the shape of a visual 2D design, a musical production, or prototype for a new product. 

Beyond the artistry, I love to study the "way" and the "why" human beings do things, and that has, unexpectedly, pulled me into the world of cognitive science which I have been informally studying across a variety of topics, including psychology, philosophy, personal development, and neuroscience. 

I'm also an avid biohacker and have had to take control of my own biology over the years in order to stabilize my own personal mental and physical health. 

I want to bridge the gap between cognitive science, and raw artistic expression to develop health and mindset products for the creative community around the world. 

I dream of developing supplements, paper products like journals, all sorts of apparel, and musical experiences -- I'm also starting to think about building software or applications, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. 

My skill-set is diverse, and reflects what I'll empathetically call my "renaissance mindset" or what is more commonly diagnosed as ADD. -- I have a ton of different passions and interests, and that's why I've always been drawn toward entrepreneurship. -- I am inter-disciplinary by both nature and choice; and my purpose revolves around the pragmatic integration, and utilization of information across a wide-spectrum of study.

The immediate goals that I have are simple. 
I just need a creative budget, and food.

Old laptop < MacBook Pro. 
Wacom Cintiq? Yes please. 
Ableton Push? Drooling.
Blank T-Shirts would be rad.
Money to purchase and white-label supplements? 
I mean, I have the formulas ready .

That's why I'm here on Patreon. 

I just want to fund the dream of being able to actually work on the things that I care about, and I've always liked the idea of low-cost membership models.

That's the intention, that's the vision. 

How that evolves from here? 
Let's find out. 

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When I reach $100 per month, I will write a specific article on a topic that patrons get to submit and vote on as a community. The article will cover my general understanding of the topic as it stands, the information sources I consult to develop my knowledge of the subject, and my personal thoughts regarding the usefulness of the topic, and how it can be used in actionable ways in daily life. 

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