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Access to insight and discussion about specifics of editing, marketing, branding, equip reviews and advanced shooting techniques. All this content is exclusive and/or early access before it hits social media or my website.

  • Access to patron-only content
  • Early access episodes of the epic podcast
  • Connect with other patrons in private discussion forum
  • Access to select FULL galleries
  • Post processing deconstruction of my favorite images

The Epic Workshop 2020 // Online

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Access to everything in the $10 tier + Full access to my new 2020 workshop (w/ translated subtitles) videos.

If you want to binge on content overload, then this is a good tier to start with.

6 video sessions totaling 10 hours of content! 

Workflow & file structure, creative renewal, editing, posing, advertising, business, SEO, blogging, social media, flash, style guides, CMS templates, print sales, marketing automation, I play/pause/talk through a real client shoot explaining as I go.

Session 1 - All Things Business & Client Experience
Session 2 - All Things Technical
Session 3 - Shoot Prep // Composition // Posing // 5 L's
Session 4 - All Things Branding
Session 5 - The Full Client Session BTS
Session 6 - All Things Workflow & Editing

If you care to read reviews from previous workshop attendees, please do so here:

Lead Referral & Shooting Weddings w/ Me

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  • Open invitation to shoot along side me for any weddings I photograph in the month you're actively pledged. Could be up to 5 weddings depending on the time of year.
  • Pre-wedding mentoring about equipment and strategy.
  • You will only be second shooting at weddings where a client did NOT pay for a second shooter as part of their booking.
  • Gain real world wedding experience and build a real portfolio.
I receive an average of one wedding lead a day (depending on the season), but do not work with any associate photographers. So, I'm often unavailable for dates. This is a chance for you to get my actual wedding leads referred to you directly from me and then book them yourself... building your own brand and business.

Before I start sending you leads we will have a 1:1 review of your pricing, portfolio, and lead response to maximize your client booking conversions. After that, it's up to you. I will not play an active role in tracking your ability to book, or pricing, or anything else.

Clients are pre-qualified for starting budget. I directly connect you to the client and you take it from there as you would your own.

Previous supporters of this tier lived in other states, and remained pledged for 2+ years spending a total of $34,000. They were able to start an entire side business of associates shooters under their own brand. Sometimes I have leads in other countries, but the majority are focused in the DV/MD/VA region.

Everything included in all other tiers.



About Sam Hurd

Hello! I'm Sam. Welcome to this giant experiment that is my Patreon feed.

Explore my feed's entire table of contents here.

The content shared here is posted to the founders tier @ $10 (that tier is limited capacity of patrons and sometimes sells out) or a $15 tier if the $10 tier is sold out. Either way you get access to all the back catalog of posts in those tiers instantly.

There’s a more expensive tier @ $49 that has posts that include 8+ hour video tutorials. This $49 tier is really meant as a binge-able boot camp of everything I know with the idea that you’ll roll down to the $10 tier for ongoing content and support when you're done binging. Still, if you want to slowly explore the entire back catalog at your own pace from the start, then the $10 is a great option (and the most popular!).

Though I’m a wedding photographer, and most of my perspective has that context, nearly everything I discuss is applicable to other genres of photography... and even creatives in entirely other crafts.

Here’s a quick overview of the types of content you’ll gain access to once you become a patron (for a more robust idea, check out my Table of Contents here)

  • Photo deconstructions
  • Experimental photography techniques
  • Photo-making and editing tutorials
  • Real world and honest gear and software reviews
  • Business, productivity and workflow tips
  • Photography challenges (like my 3-step click challenge)
  • Lead referrals (limited tier)
  • The Epic Podcast
  • Access to the Patron-Only Forum

My hope is that you're able to learn new skills, valuable information, connect with like-minded creatives, and get inspired. I love interacting with my Patrons so please feel free to ask questions and start discussions!

The best thing about this platform is that when you join a tier you get instant access to everything ever posted in that tier — and everything new for as long as you're an active supporter! 

Patreon Tier Options!

There are 2 monthly tiers of access to choose from:

1) Epic Patron Tier
  • $10
  • Access entire catalogue and future posts
  • Access the patron-only forum
  • Access 1:1 productivity group calendar
  • Group photo critiques
  • Connect with other photographers
  • Patron-only discounts

2) Epic Workshop 2020
  • $49
  • Best option if you want a binge-able crash course - if you're new here then I recommend starting with this.
  • All of the above, plus access to 10 hours of pre-recorded video (with translated subtitles):

Ethics Statement

I am not hired, (or feel in any way compelled) to mention any of the company's products that are found throughout my Patreon feed. I am very proud to present my opinions from a totally independent perspective, and sharing information through my personal experience is the priority here.

A few kind words from my Patrons (see even more)
Sam's Patreon has single handedly been the best investment in my career.
  • Steven Neaves

I just finished binge reading/watching your entire Patreon library. To say I'm extremely inspired would be a gross understatement. I'm absolutely pumped for this upcoming wedding season.
  • Nikola Janev

What Sam is sharing is worth way more than what he charges. In fact, it's priceless. I've learned so much, explored my own creativity, and also laughed a lot.
  • Matt Bowens
888 of 1,000 patrons
I'll share a detailed review and recommendation for the company I outsourced my SEO optimization to! I experienced nearly immediate results and they audited my site many levels deeper than I ever knew even mattered.

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