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About Samm Sheperd

I like to make or do cool things and make videos about them, my main goal is to inspire and educate.

I also like to take insights that I have gained from my University and Commercial pilot experienced and share them in an interesting and new way.

One thing I do a lot of is make home made RC aircraft from cheap materials with some goal in mind.

I've made lots and lots of them in the last few years, some include:
-A twin engine autonomous aircraft designed to auto take off, drop a 2 liter soda bottle of soda at a gps waypoint, and autoland.
-A lifting canard configuration plane
-An 8 foot foamy chainsaw plane
-The "$5 Trainer"
-The most popular impeller plane
-Engineered mini wing
-A 3d printed fuselage pod.

My youtube channel has grown substantially in the last year. 
Though this channel is just a personal channel that I like to make videos for as a hobby. I just thought I would try this out and see if anybody, for whatever reason, wants to directly support what I like to do and help me make more content.

If any support comes through this platform, it will only go towards improving this channel and doing more neat projects.
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A liquid cooled model airplane? How unnessesary and yet way cool.
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