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is creating Social Expressions | Interactive Art | Automated Animation
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About Sam Maher

I'm Sam Maher, a 40-something mother-of-three from the country, determined to create cartoons and animated content from here, there and anywhere; and ultimately deliver this new content direct to applications and platforms publishing virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences. I like to call this Social Expressions. 

Like everything this 'idea' hasn't come from nowhere, it's grown out of my career, is tailored to my skills and solves a bunch of 'future' problems for other people like me (creative technologists, content and entertainment producers, makers and creators etc.).

And thankfully I've built a production company before, used that model to restructure others (5 to date) and have made stupid mistakes as often as solved problems with clever workarounds (before anyone noticed). Of course I didn't win every battle, but I've also learned that most battles don't have winners. And I'm sure I'll make more mistakes, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Today I mostly create hero characters and other visual devices used in: brand narratives, interactive publishing, animated content production, gaming and mixed reality applications.

But I also make Interactive Interfaces and other tools for Citizen Journalists and Bloggers, and Digital Puppets rigged and programmed to record with Adobe Character Animator. 

I design engagement experiences, complex navigation specifications, across transmedia and omnichannel  and representations (I call this Creative Engagement Engineering).

I develop scenes, spaces and virtual places for Content Droppings, Happenings and other Shareables to exist and auto-populate across the Spaces Inbetween existing channels. 

And occasionally I still make television commercials.

Anyway, I digress...  I'm looking for other people who want to come on this journey, the journey will no doubt change, the direction might pivot, the output might be different, so take this as a starting point. 

In the posts section I'll upload some random points, historical context and a start at reasoning this out, in the meantime:

More about me can be found here
Sam Maher
My day job making commercial art and content 'things' to order
I use Twitter most often and DMs are open, I hate email.
You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and this is where all the animated content will end up.
Vimeo has commercial production samples
façARde my interactive print experiments
Riffs and Rants the private Music and Arts School I own with Composer Steve Maher
Social Enterprise Economic Development (SEED) my other obsession
LinkedIn has career info in some semblance of order

Intro Video
This is an old video now, but I wanted to share because this is the beginning of the Automated Animation/ Cartoon Studio story. I generally avoid being 'in' videos and never shoot in my kitchen, but if you'd like more like this rather than all animated content, I'll oblige. 
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'The Daily Think' 

I think discussing humanity, arts, society, culture, intelligence, science, technology, economics, education, environment and rights (among other things) every day, might lead to better outcomes for everyone on our planet.  

Perhaps I'm wrong! Should we find out?

I'm thinking:
Everyday I'll live stream, then publish, a 'Thought of the Day' style message from one of the puppets that you are free to share with friends or on social media.

Topics, themes and trends will be randomly selected from social media, traditional media and skew toward an international audience. We could run a poll and vote ideas up and down.  

This activity becomes viable with 2000 patrons because I'll need to build another machine, upgrade the render/ encoding machine and better organise cloud storage, delivery and deployment for a minimum of 365 30 second thoughts per year.

At 2000 patrons I can devote most of my week to this development and employ someone else to help too.

2000 Patrons will allow us to produce 3 hours/ 180 minutes/ 10,950 seconds of animated content per year. 

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