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is creating Jewelry, art objects, prints, posters, and postcards.
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Bronze is one of my favorite metals to work in! At this level you will receive a 4-pack of my original "Kali-Consent" postcards! These high quality, glossy postcards are mail ready! Send them to your Senators, Representatives, Presidents, and conservative family members! Expect to see new designs in the future to keep your collection fresh!
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Silver is so sexy! At this level you will receive a high quality, glossy poster sized print (11x17") of my original "Kali-Consent" series, specifically the above poster. Options will change WITH notice!
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Are you this fine?! This tier will receive a poster print (16x20") of my original "Kali-Consent" series, specifically the above image. "Future is Femme" Kali poster in the 16x20" also available in this tier, just let me know your preference!




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About Sarah Morgan - SA Morgan Metals

Hello Patrons! Thank you for landing on my page. I am an artist, designer, maker, creator, dreamer. I am a trained metalsmith, specializing in constructing precious and semi-precious metals into wearable art. I like to acid-etch, solder, and combine found object and stone with metal to create one-of-a-kind creations that are comfortable, wearable, and expressive. I also do digital prints and posters. My work is inspired by natural forms, architectural structure, politics, feminism, Goddess culture, and self-realization. All forms of work will be available as patron rewards! Your support helps me to A) pay my monthly studio rent. Having appropriate studio space for metalsmithing is essential to my ability to work! B) buy supplies beyond just custom orders so that I can continue to experiment and push my skill-level and creative process, C) allow me to travel to shows and sales, as well as find new inspiration in new places, D) build displays, collaborate with other creators such as graphic designers, printers, photographers, and web designers: it takes a village to be a creative in the digital age, and I spread the love around by supporting other independent artists with more skills in these areas! Know that your support will go beyond just me as I am dedicated to supporting other artists and creatives! Thank you for supporting art and artists!
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This will pay my monthly studio rent, enabling me to buy more supplies, make more work, make more consistent income, and get into a bigger studio space. This makes it all possible!
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