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A little help makes a difference. 

A small donation of $1 a month gives you...

  • Early access to what I'm working on.
  • Access to works in progress normally limited on my public networks.
  • Take part in request polls for an illustration that month. Suggestions before the poll are welcome, to determine what the vote will be on.


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I'm always working on some personal stories on the side, but I'm not necessarily revealing what the process or details are. Do you want to learn a bit about what I'm trying to write? What the story is or who the characters are? See the tiny sketches of bits and pieces that suddenly come up to mind when I'm planning it all?

As a Patron I'll be sharing this information and going over my testing grounds of these stories with you. You'll see things like...
  • Character Designs
  • Settings and Background details
  • Story notes
  • Scene ideas
  • Character Notes
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Rainbow Sheep

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Let's colour <3 At this tier you'll get extra access to...
  • High res lineart versions of my work to use as colouring pages
  • Access to live streaming on Picarto.
  • A monthly lined commission voted by Patreons.




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About Sam Powell

$4.52 of $30 per month
I can begin doing live videos with Cell Phone Holder. Since I can't afford to invest in too many things, I've decided to leave it to my followers if they wish me start.

If enough contribute, I will buy one of these and begin recording my work, as well as release the videos earlier for another tier.
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