Sam Soper

Sam Soper

illustrations, murals, and a tarot deck

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About Sam Soper

Hi. I’m Sam Soper.

I currently run one business where I do freelance graphic design and website development. This does not make me as happy as drawing and creating characters and scenes does. To be completely honest, I only started teaching myself to build websites at 12, as a method to get my pixel character creations out into the world (s/o to The Doll Palace for inspiring my younger self).

It just became my career path out of convenience and demand. Don’t get me wrong, I love programming, but mostly when I am building something for myself with freedom of full creative and operational control ( “wow so unique…” I understand most people feel this way about their profession).

Due to some synchronously unfortunate and fortunate events, I found myself in a position to re-evaluate my career trajectory and think about what I really want out of my life.

I want to be an illustrator.
I want to do character design.
I want to create a fully inclusive tarot deck. (see below)
I want to write and illustrate a sci-fi graphic novel, but set-up with a soundtrack so it’s an interactive experience.
I want to write and illustrate children's books.
I want to put all of my silly ideas into action.
I want to educate and inspire.

I have art series, blogs, applications, e-courses, books, and a lot of random thoughts brewing in the back of my head and filling my Google Drive. It is difficult to find the time to do any of them, when my main source of income is creating for other people.

Basically, I am asking you to fund my surrealist mad science lab. In return, I'll offer a host of creative (and hopefully entertaining) inventions, wisdom from my research and experience, and an abundance of love and respect. Help me live my dream of educating the world through art and word.

Project Currently in Funding: a tarot deck

I've been talking about doing a deck for a few years now. I didn't want to start this project unless it was something I was going to finish someday and it's a tall order. I struggled through a general lack of knowledge and familiarity with the cards, followed by several different forks in the road regarding subject matter, creative direction, style, and medium. At some point, I had connected so many of the cards with people I knew, I couldn't imagine it as anything but an illustrated portrait series.

I finally finished the first of many (at least 10) series, titled Krystalline Kweens.

But I thought you said fully inclusive? As of right now, I've only released my first series, which focused on cis-females; the major arcana on women that have walked with me throughout life and the suit cards on female entrepreneurs. I plan on having other series that highlight cis-male, non-binary, and transgender people of all ethnicities, sizes, abilities, and walks of life.

I want to feature the bold personalities of people who inspire and encourage me in my own life. Supporting my endeavors through Patreon is a fantastic way to show your encouragement and get some cool stuff in the process.
76% complete
At this goal, I am able to invest in better video equipment and mounting hardware to enable me to make better and more time lapse, process, and tutorial videos. I will also be able to start streaming monthly.
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