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Maybe you don't have a lot of money to spare, but you want to be clear that you support my work. This is a start. You get access to the Patreon feed on here, which includes private content, and I'll know that you stand behind me and the subjects I'm trying to shed light on.

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Maybe this is a lot for you. Maybe it's a little.

What's important is that it is a substancial contribution to art in a world which is favouring the non-creative pursuits.

With every dollar that comes through Patreon, I have a moment more to focus on my art. To set my mind at ease about how I will make it to the next month. To really focus on my work.

In Australia, it's a large coffee a week. In Italy, it buys me more than 10 coffees a month (I won't be using it all on coffee, don't worry!)

My somewhat frugal lifestyle (and some wonderful private clients) means that every dollar is converted into art, and not wasted on over-priced living expenses.

  • Access to Patreon feed
  • Thank-you e-mail
  • Early access to my work
  • Patron-only content feed
  • Personalised thank-you message (on paper, in your letter box, like the olden days) 
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About Samuel Webster

I'm going to be straight with you. It's not easy to be an independent artist. I work on more commercial projects (tourism, for example) to keep afloat, but it doesn't always cover the bills. It's been four years of creating a name for myself in Italy and it's starting to pay off (I've been on television multiple times, and even Vogue wrote about me as an Australian artist to keep an eye on.)

What's harder is the scope of my work is not necessarily the most commercial, so finding commercial support is harder. I'm working on human projects, and so I would like human support. So I'm turning to you, the people who already support my work with their hearts and minds.

So what will I be doing with your patronage?

There are three basic levels I am trying to reach. The first is to be supported in the creation of my independent work this year. The second is to be able to devote myself full time to its creation, without going into major debt. The third is to financially cover an artistic studio that I can work from, which will employ and train people in the arts, working alongside me on various forms and projects.

Some of my projects:

OFELIA VOLEVA SOLTANTO NUOTARE: An international version of my photographic exhibition combatting violence against women and femicide.
FOOL'S PARADISE: An audio podcast featuring travel stories from Italy and the world, avoiding the way travel writing often becomes just another form of publicity.
ZINGARO!: An in-your-face exhibition sympathetically documenting the stories of the Romani people in Italy and their difficulties within a country which, by and large, disagrees with their continued existence and lifestyle.
NONNO, RACCONTAMI:  A full length inter-generational documentary of Italian families and the messages they want to leave for the future.
LA TERRA DEL LENZUOLO: A photographic exhibition documenting the land and traditions which writer Clelia Marchi left behind after writing her diary 'Gnanca na busia'

I also want to continue my collaboration with the National Archive of Diaries, and my use of texts in new artworks, as I did in my short film 'Solo un'ombra'.

Your continued support also allows me time to capture human stories about real people, for publishing in various magazines which request my work.
For example, my article about the National Archive of Diaries and the late Vice-President Grazia Cappelletti, or my article about artist Paolo Antonio Toci, both published in 34 countries by Renegade Collective.

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At this small level, I can rest easy, taking time to focus on both creating new projects, and keeping in personal contact with Patreon supporters, by knowing that part of my rent is paid.
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