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About Samantha Van Der Merwe


I am a content creator based in Amsterdam with more than eight years of working in Tech. I focus on  Data Science educational content in various formats, short slides, videos, and detailed blogs.

Samzee_codes is my brand and was launched in April 2019. That was when I started sharing what I was learning and how I navigate the tech world.  Samzee_codes has managed to reach thousands of people and inspire many who plan on or are on the same journey. I specifically want to help people from developing countries and previously disadvantaged communities. A majority of them have driven my engagement. 

Why do we need patrons?
I would like to take Samzee_codes to the next level. Creating engaging and useful content requires the use of many tools, some of which are not free. I can use the money from Patreons to enhance my content and cover actual costs (e.g., website subscriptions, editing tools, etc.).

What's in it for you?

Depending on your membership tier you can get:

  • Access to patron-exclusive content:  Get added to "close friends list" on my Instagram, where I will publish competitions, polls, Q&As exclusively for members. Also includes both "fun" and Kaggle projects the I work on and only release the methods in my google drive and private GitHub, e.g., Game of thrones logistic regression, Harry Potter text classifier, etc
  • Access to direct messages (DM) for questions: I will answer all your Data Science related questions and more.
  • I say your name in a video: Get a mention in a video, tweet, story, etc
  • Access to live streams: Get access to live Q&A with me and a quest working in Data Science and analytics.
  • Content influence: Be able to suggest content to create during the monthly poll. If you have a product and want me to review it, this is the service to sign up for as well.
  • Project and study assistance: If you have several projects that you have worked on for your portfolio and need a review or if you don't have a plan yet and need some guidance (both technical and structure), you can sign-up to a tier that offers this service.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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