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Welcome to the Sanctumonius Patreon!

If you are here, then we love you.

We love creating the Sanctumonius Podcast. The purpose of Sanctumonius has always been to grow the KeyForge community and to create fun, engaging content for new and experienced players alike. This project is not a job, and it certainly wasn't started to cash in for big bucks.

However, there are costs associated with operating a podcast. I (JakeFryd) pay $15 per month on hosting fees. That isn't an insignificant amount of money to me as a full time grad student. Any money generously donated to this patreon will first go to paying that monthly fee. Money raised beyond that will go right back into the podcast, such as improving the quality of our mics, and allowing us to do future giveaways of sweet, sweet Sanctumonius merch.

It takes a lot of time to produce four podcasts a month. Beyond the time planning, researching, recording, editing, and promoting, Dan and I have also taken on additional side projects, such as printing t-shirts and hosting leagues. While we love to do it, it all adds up. 

If you find value in this content and find yourself in a financially comfortable position to be able to contribute, then please consider supporting our work.

Jake & Dan

Suggested Donations:
Knight: $1 ($.25 per episode)
Champion: $4 ($1 per episode)
Ambassador: $10 ($2.50 per episode)

Jake's Blurb

I played competitive Magic: the Gathering on and off from Odyssey Block (2001) through Innistrad Block (2011). For most of that, I was a kid without the means to compete at the highest level with the necessary tier one decks. That experience informs the way I think about KeyForge today. It was the promise of a more equitable playing field that first sucked me in to the world of KeyForge.

In 2011, as Magic was fading out of my life, a college roommate introduced me to Catan. We played countless games of Catan over the next three years. Still, I didn't discover the world of modern board games until Christmas of 2015, when I was innocuously searching online for a gift for my partners parents. One list of gift ideas recommended a board game called "Pandemic." That took me headlong into a passion for board games that continues to this day. I began writing board game reviews on my blog Chicken Fryd Games. While the board game review section is quite dormant, I transitioned into writing KeyForge Tips articles around the launch of the game. It was the warm reception to this content that encouraged me to create Sanctumonius with Dan. Sanctumonius, is my first foray into the podcast medium (besides a couple guest appearances on various Kickball Podcasts).

The thing I love most about games is connecting with people. Funnily enough, that is the same reason creating this podcast has been so delightful. Thank you so much for supporting our show. I look forward to talking much more in the future.

Dan's Blurb

Hi, I am Dan, co-host of Sanctumonius, and I live in the Pacfic Northwest Seattle region with my wife and our 2 year old daughter and my son about to be born. I am a lifetime board and video game player from as far back as I can remember. I began playing card games seriously with Magic: the Gathering right as I was finishing college. I played that semi-competively for about 5 years. I then moved onto miniatures games and ran my first podcast, Before We Begin, for the game Malifaux and almost made it to 100 episodes over a two year period. I started playing Keyforge in December and was instantly hooked. No mana resource was a huge draw for me. It makes for incredibly interesting lines of play and greatly reduces the losing due to mana screw/flood. I met Jake through a discord server, and hung out a few times in his Keyforge streams. We got to dming and here we are as Sanctumonius.

I greatly appreciate you checking out our Patreon and helping us cover the costs of the show and the other items that we have been producing as giveaways for all you fine folks that listen in every week. This has been incredibly fun for me to be a part of, and it is only more so thanks to you people that listen and interact with Jake and I. My skill and enjoyment of this game has only increased as I have talked about this fine game, whether through a microphone or keyboard to so many great people and players.

Again thank you for listening to the show and thank you for considering donating to us, it is greatly appreciated.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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