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Hurray!  You've jumped in for 16 cents/day - that wasn't so hard!  Feel great that your contribution will help us keep producing and releasing new content regularly.

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Now we're talking! 33 cents/day doesn't grow on trees, but you've decided that great shows don't either. At this level of contribution you can rest easy, knowing you're supporting professional writers, actors, musicians and engineers and making it possible for us to take shows to the next level 

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49 cents/day is some serious assistance which will really help us ramp up production for the long-run. At this level you're one of our top contributors!

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About Sandbox Radio

Reimagining The Classic Radio Variety Show
Thank you for your interest in Sandbox Radio!  Please consider becoming a patron with a monthly contribution.  Since June of 2011 we've been creating and recording this show in front of a live audience and putting it on the radio and online  -  incredible live music, sound effects, unpredictable and original short comedy and drama scripted by local writers, poetry and adaptations of classic literature, social commentary, special guest storytellers and much more.  Our company features the hottest artists in town from the professional theater, comedy and music scenes.  It's designed in the classic variety show format, but with an edgier Seattle spin.  Modern, irreverent, and locally grown.

“Crackling, electrifying, fresh, joyful and awesome”. (The Stranger)

This Is Where You Come In
Sustained monthly support gives us the security and financial stability we don't have trying to produce the show on ticket revenue and grants alone.  The money goes to all aspects of the production: artists' fees, the technical team, venue and production costs, PR and marketing, rentals and equipment.
Each episode utilizes the talents of:
6 writers/adapters
12-14 performers
a music director/composer
a director
a stage manager
an assistant stage manager
a production assistant
a sound engineer
a lighting engineer
a recording engineer
a post production engineer
special guest(s)
and more - that's almost 30 of Seattle's best, all working on the same show! You can rest assured that your money is well spent.

The Nitty Gritty
Because we only do each show once, ticket sales for the live event can't cover expenses, and we want to keep the podcast free and available to all. Having sustaining contributors helps us keep making the show, it's just that plain and simple.  And if enough of you become patrons, we might be able to quit our day jobs and make Sandbox Radio full time, which means more amazing episodes for you, the fans!

Thanks for the life support.
$45.97 of $1,000 per month
Help us grow Sandbox Radio!  With your sustained support we can expand the reach of the podcast, get on more radio stations, compensate our writers and performers and develop the live shows for tour.
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