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In short, I'm an experienced writer. My specialties are female wrestling (got a lot of my early commission work from, strong female characters (literally), big women, shortstacks, unique body types/unconventional beauty, big boobs, slice of life/comfy stuff, dialogue, strange love/signs of affection, and mismatched pairs/couples.

I've been writing in my spare time for the last decade or so, I've made an e-book on Amazon, and I have a Hentai Foundry page that's full of commissioned works and original short stories by me. I have some more legitimate pet projects and done various writing jobs on the side, but I'm looking for a way to excuse myself to do some more random fun smut with a story.

Also feel free to stop by the Discord to keep up with my work, share pics and pitch in ideas.

So what's all this!?
I'm going to be writing casual, multi-part stories on a regular basis. Not so much fan fiction, but largely original smut stories. This idea was kind of built on shortstacks (short but curvy gals, usually of another species) and ladies wrestling, but I'm trying to expand my writing a bit and very open to suggestions. The final say is up to me in terms of what's offered, but you'll always get something that, if I'm doing this right, should make you smile and chuckle on top of give you a good feeling down in your genitals of choice. NATURALLY, all donors MUST BE OVER 18. This gets dirty.
For a master list of all my posts, feel free to browse through here:

So what do you get!?
First and foremost, anybody who throws a dollar in says "Yea, I like this guy's stuff!" It makes me so grateful that I let you access just about everything I post on here. Any basic stories I post are yours to peruse as you please. And I know it's going to happen, but please minimize how much you share it around the web. I'm not asking much, but a "Go check out this guy's stuff" helps. "Here's a stash of all his stuff" does not. Besides, the more being paid per month, the better for everyone! More on that in a moment.
Also, anyone is free to comment and shout out on the Patreon page and you know what? I am a sucker for praise and ideas. I'll read them all, even the angry ones, and if an fun enough idea is dropped on where to take the current story or a future idea, I might just end up writing it for you all as part of the monthly shipments of smut.

If you step up to 2 dollars, you get to vote on what's posted. I'll have a few ideas up at a time, give it a week or so, then start posting based on the results. No guarantees that if you vote for a sexy gargoyle that it won't end up being the shapeshifting girlfriend story, but your voice matters. Then again, you can always up your odds.

By donating 5 money-dollars a month, you get a bonus vote and some exclusive content of my bigger stories. When you vote for content, yours counts twice as much. When you vote, just namedrop your vote in a comment, email or message, and I'll tally that into the math.
Even more demanding? 10 dollar donors get VIP treatment, and get 5 times the vote.
At $20, you'll get some grip on the steering wheel. You gain the power to propose a single topic for the vote poll every month, so you request an option and see if the fans back it up. Mind you that you can get the 5 times voting power, but only towards other options than your own to keep it fair. Voting for your own counts as 2 instead.

$25 gets all of the above, or you can simply pick one item on the monthly polls that is guaranteed to get written.

At $35 a month, you get my personal contact info on a messenger of your choice and we'll work out your choice: either a brief story or description, or a couple hours of a scene or character roleplayed with/for you.

If you're super supportive and want something more specific, you can donate 50 a month. Get everything above (view it all and VIP vote treatment) and you get a specific, personal short story written for you. They'll average about 5 pages, and some extreme content may get turned down and asked for another idea (I'm pretty thick-skinned by now, so just keep it legal, folks). Pee? Robots? Fur? Time travelers? Fanfics? Sure! May not be my cup of tea, but you EARNED that $50, sir or ma'am! You spend it on what you want! Feel free to ask me for other jobs if you want a longer or more involved project, or if you want to see if I'll write what you want for this level's donation.

Stretch Them Goals!
Even if it's not for a tier, you might want to consider donating more (don’t look at me like that; I said MIGHT; I'm not you, man)
A portion of your money will be passed from me to some hungry artist who will draw some suggested or highlight scene or character from the stories. The more I have, the more I'll pour into those.
Currently thinking on what else to stretch to. I didn't think I'd get this far...

So thanks for stopping by, keep an eye out for some content, and be ready to vote for your favorite.
$389.60 of $750 per month
Now we're talkin! Now we're makin' comics. Monthly full page of a comic series. What exactly? We'll find out based on fan input. Maybe sumo girls. Maybe bullies. Maybe goblins.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 239 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 239 exclusive posts

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