Heather Landry is creating SCP ART REQUESTS, horror art, and creepy comics and novels


$1 /mo
ACCESS WIP's, SIMPLE TUTORIALS and SKETCHES. Get the first look at comics and new art, see Work In Progress posts, and get very occasional swag in the mail...AND A BIG THANK YOU!


$3 /mo
ACCESS TO THE EBOOKS. You get all artbooks, art collections, comics, etc I release FREE in .pdf format.

+ all of the above.


$5 /mo
ART POSTCARDS EVERY QUARTER. Get three 4x6 art postcards mailed to you quarterly. Generally 3 recent works, let me know if you don't want the scary stuff.

+ all of the above.


$10 /mo
REQUEST SCP ART 1x/month. All requests will eventually be honored. Your name or nickname will be mentioned wherever I post the finished art.

+ all of the above.


$50 /mo
SCP ART REQUESTS WILL BE COMPLETED WITHIN THE MONTH FOLLOWING YOUR PLEDGE (ie I'll start on it as soon as it goes through and complete it within 1 month). 1x/month. You will also receive a SIGNED 8...