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About Sandra Szabo (TheRocketQueen90)

First of all, thank you so much for being here! Thank you for being a part of my musical journey as well as my life! I could not have done this without you, I need you in order to continue, and I will be forever grateful for your support. 💙 Whether you are already a patron or considering becoming one, let me say I am truly grateful...

I'd really love to continue making music, and if you are here it must mean you'd like me to continue making music too. If you feel like my music has helped you in any way, inspired you, if it makes you feel good, if you look forward to my next video, this is your way to be a part of it! What a great way to continue spreading the love and inspiration.

There are so many ways to make positive changes... my biggest dream is to inspire and make this world a little bit better by creating music that hopefully will make you feel good and make your day a little better

Reasons to become a patron: 
1. You get every new thing I'm working on FIRST, before everyone else in the whole world!
2. You get to see short exclusive behind-the-scenes clips I don't post anywhere else!
3. You can choose among 13 tiers and receive some really cool rewards!
4. You support my music which enables me to continue, making you a huge part of my career!
5. You get to be part of the members-only Patreon page, get access to EVERYTHING I've posted so far, and connect with other patrons and music lovers!

As a patron you're a HUGE part of my music, not just an outside listener, but an active contributor to making it possible. It's because of YOU, that I'm able to create better videos faster, whether it's a new cover song, a new music video, original material, or other cool and fun stuff :D Every $ is very much appreciated! 

One of my goals: When I get 200 patrons, I will be able to get a team and start touring around the world! My patrons' cities and countries will be prioritized, and I would LOVE to do a show and meet you, thanking you in person 💙 

Remember that you can set a monthly limit if pledging per creation will become too much, and you will still be able to see every post! As of today I upload 2-3 every month, and I often post some free stuff too available only on Patreon. You can come and leave as you prefer, so if you only want to pledge a one time $1, I will still love you forever for being a part of my musical career 💙

If you have ANY questions about this Patreon thing, please don't hesitate to ask me! You can also send me an email: [email protected]

My forever love 💙

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When I have 40 patrons I will be able to hire a team and create a professional music video! Your names in the credit!
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