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About Steven Zimmerman

My name is Steven Zimmerman and for just over thirty-three years I’ve worked in radio, newspapers, and television. News runs through my veins. However, over the last year, I’ve decided to shift my focus from negative to positive news.

Far too many of my fellow reporters are focused on what can lead to clicks and higher advertising dollars rather than what informs,  inspires, and conveys the true spirit of the community they cover. It’s sad.

San Elizario, Texas is my hometown. It is a community that is connected to its neighbors. It’s a community that strives to better the generation that comes next. It’s what I now cover. There is so much in this community that I want to share, but I need your help.

If you can find a way to support the mission of San Eli News, I would be forever grateful. Partner with us and you are partnering with positive news.

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