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About Sangar

Hey there, I'm Sangar, creator of several Minecraft mods, such as OpenComputersTIS-3DArchitect, Scannable, and Bedrock Ores.

OpenComputers adds highly modular, programmable computers, as well as a bunch of hardware, such as hologram projectors, 3D printers as well as robots and drones. A big selling point of the mod is persistence, i.e. programs running on computers will resume where they left off after saving and loading.

If you're a programmer yourself, and are looking for a library that can persist Lua coroutines, have a look at Eris. It's a library I wrote, and it's what OpenComputers uses to achieve persistent computers.

adds comparatively low-tech, modular computers to the game, the architecture of which is inspired by the brilliant puzzle game TIS-100 (if you like TIS-3D, buy that before giving me money).

Architect implements a blueprint system that allows copy-pasting small areas of the world via a simple yet powerful selection system. This makes building repetitive structures a lot less annoying. 

Scannable adds a scanner item with several modules, which define the scanner's behavior. It can be used to detect certain blocks or entities in the vicinity and features a shader effect that's quite easy on the eyes.

Bedrock Ores is a world-gen mod that adds a unique method of resource acquisition. Instead of regular ore blocks it spawn ore clusters embedded in the bedrock. These can then be harvested by the player, behaving much like the contained ore does, except that the block will never fully break. Each time the contained ore would break, its drops are spawned and the bedrock ore's yield is reduced. Once the ore deposit is exhausted, the block will simply turn into regular bedrock.

Now before you throw any money at me, there's something I'd like to make perfectly and crystal clear: I consider this a pure donation method, in other words a token of appreciation for work already done. That said, if you'd like me to shut up and take your money, have my sincerest thanks, please know that you're awesome!

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