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I got my first taste of open source by writing Python's standard "unittest" module in the late 90's, and I've been excitedly spending my "spare" time working on tools for developers ever since. If I find something that's a bit clunky, I can't help but try to improve it, so we can all build amazing software more easily!

A lot of my current work happens in the Emacs ecosystem: I've worked hard since 2012 to make MELPA the best place to find high-quality emacs lisp packages for any workflow, and thousands of people use my own elisp packages and my popular Emacs configuration. Beyond Emacs, I'm a contributor to dozens of other active developer tooling projects across many languages.

I always take extra time to help other developers level up, and to model how I believe every inclusive, friendly open source community should work. I do this for love, but it means a lot to me that some people appreciate my contributions enough to become patrons - thank you!

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