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    About Sanja Markovic

    Dear visitor and dear patron,
    Welcome to my page. This is a platform on which you can support my work by choosing any of the tiers offered. I will continually produce content because - well, that's what brings me joy, and you can message me with feedback and suggestions, and follow the progress of my goals to know how your help has influenced my work. I am excited that I've discovered this concept - not only because I might gain a bit of financial support, but for the chance to have a community for whom I can create for, share my art with and have direct feedback for all I do. This sort of exchange motivates me deeply.
    A lot has been brewing after producing my first album "Ascension" (A.MA Records, April 2020), and I cannot wait to perform this material, add my new ideas and see how the productions will unfold - from solitary moments at the piano, to fully-grown productions, collaborations with artists, and various paths creativity will take form in.
    For those who don't know, I sing, play piano, saxophones and guitar, arrange, write lyrics (or borrow from inspiring sources), and create sound-realms. My main goal is to continue composing and producing original music so that it spirals closer and closer together with my understanding of life and all its manifestations.
    Composing is an integral part of my life. Most of the initial ideas come with such ease, but developing them into full productions is another story. I've realized through my experience that, in order to succeed, it takes a vision, stamina, knowledge, and a few people who believe in what you do.
    I live in the Balkans - Serbia - the city of Belgrade. My childhood was spent in the rise of Milosevic's regime and the war from the '90s that dismembered what once was a Yugoslavia, a war from which I ran to the States in '92 with my mother and brother. After middle school and freshman year in Washington D.C. something drew me back to Belgrade again where I finished high school...and then in just four years NATO bombing in '99 had happened... It was time again to search for a better life in the United States. I've lived in Virginia as a kid, later Washington D.C., New York from '99 on ....but...I kept coming back to my homeland and now am raising my seven-year-old daughter here in Belgrade. This is, in essence, a beautiful country, but the constant above mentioned circumstance has brought about the rise of human greed, ignorance and primitiveness - mainly present in our politics - and all sorts of behavioral deviance that, when distorted and amplified by survival instincts, in this ever degrading morally challenged society, kill empathy and healthy conditions for culture and art to thrive in... This circumstance has formed deeply rooted weeds of corruption where bad taste flourishes successfully at the expense of value, culture and kindness.
    With your help I hope to be an important voice in this society and the world.
    Thank you.
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    Achieving this monthly amount will enable me to tie all loose ends regarding album production costs and enable me to compete on the music market from a fair standpoint.
    It will also help me continue working on a video for my single Sovereign State of Mind.

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