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  • Jackson Baly Spooks America
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  • Dinosaur Saga
  • Audio of Our Live Tours
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  • Brain Cramps
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  • Talks Loudly Over Film
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We are blessed to have you as our King. At this level not only will you receive everything from previous tiers, but even more bonus content like a D&D Season Pass! Get everything all at once! You also get to suggest an NPC for D&D is for Kings and the following shows:


  • D&D is for Kings
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  • House Rules
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About Sanspantsradio

Welcome to Sanspants Radio, a comedy podcast network based out of Melbourne, Australia. We recently fumbled our way to the top of iTunes and want to continue fumbling our way into your ears, but most importantly, your hearts.

For more information head to to become a Sanspants+ member today!

We currently have a bunch of shows including, Plumbing the Death Star -- a show where we ask questions about fictional universes that movies, television and comic books forgot to answer -- Shut up a Second -- a show where we answer questions that no one wanted to ask -- D&D; is For Nerds  -- a show where we play D&D and more!

Your support will not only help cover the operating costs but also allow us to dedicate more hours towards building the website, the podcast and implementing new features and additional content.

You give us your support and we’ll give you early access to shows, cast interaction as well as creative input.

Help support our nonsense, you (probably) won’t regret it.

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