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About Santa2452

One thing I know is on the mind of everyone I come across with, is the meaning behind the name. I have used the name Santa since I was a child, specifically designed to hide my real name. I thought I was very clever coming up with it at the time, but I have not needed to use a different name ever since, and though I would love to believe in magic, it still fit me perfectly. I am a fat optimistic man, looking to make everyone around me happy.

I have been streaming on twitch off and on for several years. As I complete each stream the videos usually end up on my YouTube channel. My Legend of Zelda playthrough I view as one my better playthroughs. I have a lot of passion for some of the games I play, and I enjoy interacting with the viewers. I care more about those watching, and those interacting with me, than I am about completing or accomplishing anything on the game I am playing. As with anyone else of course I want to make progress but if I die because I am talking to the viewers I am not angered by it.

My YouTube channel is for me just a catalog of all the games I have originally streamed on Twitch. I don't have any fancy editing equipment, it may not be pretty, but its real, the videos are live captures from twitch, I may edit out segments of silence, but the reactions you see, are mostly unedited. when I forget to edit a video, or export it from twitch, it hurts me as it may hurt those viewers who didn't watch it on twitch, because having incomplete series is not something I want to be known for.

As I watch other content creators, I have heard more and more about Patreon, and although I haven't had it a long time, I have provided support on Patreon and found it a great platform. I feel that I should join the train and have another option for my viewers to show their support, and even provide valuable feedback and help me overall become a better content provider.
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Starting out small, but with 10 patrons, I will be happy to setup a dedicated Q&A session for all patrons at the time where you may ask any of those burning questions.
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