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The Monthly Meditation Collection

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Welcome to Monthly Meditation Collection - a constant flow of fresh and high vibing meditations curated to guide you to deeply calm and relax, so you can return back home to the warm and golden soulful realm of yourself. 

Meditation changes your life, especially when you consistently practice. I hope this collection keeps you inspired to pressing play for the future you want for yourself.

Let us reset the state of your mind (minimizing anxiety and clearing out uncomfortably feelings of being lost or without purpose.  Return home to yourself, the soulful part of you. 

In this monthly collection, I will be adding all of my favorite meditations, dharma talks, sitar sound healing sessions, and early release podcasts. 

By supporting me (and allowing me to support you), you will receive at least two freshly made astro-infused yoga nidra meditations for the current zodiac each month. Yoga Nidra is a trance-like form of meditation that can create profound relaxation and soul grounding. It is my one non-negotiable practice, and I strongly believe everyone benefits from a monthly (or better yet weekly) session. So I am creating these for us to use! 

When you join you also immediately gain access to "A Meditation Experience" my 7-day guided meditation program that takes less than 10 minutes a day.  I have received so many praises for these simple practices, so I am including all 7 of them here for you as well. 

Any other meditations I create will be posted here as well - This may include Hindu deity introductions and chanting, ayurvedic breathwork, nada (sound/sitar) healing, and so so much more.

Bonus**  I just included **my one hour MEDITATIVE RESTORATION YOGA CLASS to deeply calm both the mind and the body into this tier also!

You know meditation makes you feel so much better - physically, mentally and spiritually.  Let's stay inspired, motivated, and accountable together with these heart-made sacred moments I have made for you.

Thank You for being here. 
  • Monthly Astro-Infused Yoga Nidra Meditation
  • Monthly Special Meditations
  • A Meditation Experience (7day x 10min meditations)
  • MEDITATIVE RESTORATION 1 hr. healing yoga class
  • Early Access to Podcast Episodes
  • Astro talks, dharma talks, and more.




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Welcome to Santosha Society's Monthly Meditation Collection.  

This Monthly Meditation Collection is specifically curated to help you feel more grounded in your soulful self. you will learn how to deeply relax. You will learn how to increase your self-worth, confidence, compassion, and love through various different "yogic rituals." Most importantly, you will learn how to feel like the incredible spiritual being you are!

Each month I infuse elements of astrology, sacred sound, and yoga into this handcrafted collection I have made for you. With a little touch of music and mystical, I want to motivate and inspire you to press play on the life you want by saying yes to meditation more.

"If you want to feel like a spiritual being, do spiritual things on a more frequent basis." -unknown author

Keep the flame of soul growth alive within you.

Upcoming Astro-Meditation Calendar:

Leo (July 22-Aug 21) :
*Yoga Nidra for Leo Season (posted)
*Self Worth and Parvati Meditation

Virgo (Aug 22 - Sept 21)  :
*Yoga Nidra for Virgo Season
**Ayurvedic Breathwork Season for Anxiety

Libra (Sept 22 - Oct 21)
*Yoga Nidra for Virgo Season
**Green Tara Introduction, Meditation & Chanting

Scorpio (Oct 22 - Nov 20)
*Yoga Nidra for Sag Season
**Kali Goddess Introduction, Meditation & Chanting

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)
*Yoga Nidra for Sag Season
**Mind Like The Sky Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

** many other meditations will be added beyond this schedule as well ***

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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