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Your monthly support helps us carry out rescue missions, provide urgent medical treatment, and take care of the animals who live here at the sanctuary.

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Your monthly support helps us carry out rescue missions, provide urgent medical treatment, and take care of the animals who live here at the sanctuary.




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Santuario Vegan is an animal farm sanctuary founded in 2011, with the single goal of helping as many animals as possible. We have saved hundreds of lives from negligence and abuse and we have raised awareness about our consumption habits to hundreds of thousands of people, and what this means for animals.
We are located in Madrid, Spain

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We are Laura Luengo and Eduardo Terrer, and Santuario Vegan is our home and our daily struggle.
Let us tell you more about this project. We started in 2011, but there is much history before this date. In Spain, in that year there was not any place to take care of animals, victims of farm abuses. We used to do activism to claim their rights, but we wanted to do more for them, the real victims.
Like a sign, throughout this year Pippi, Olivia and more hens came to our lives. They had lived all their life in an industrial farm. They were always confined in a small space, they couldn’t walk and they had never seen the sunlight. That shocked us. We decided to move to a bigger place in order to help more animals. Then Datxu arrived, a little lamb that lived confined and he was going to be sacrificed. He lived with us just like a dog, because there were not any other lambs yet. When we left him alone, he knocked our door to be with us. Fortunately, Mel came into our lives. She was a sheep with a serious type of cancer that affects this species. She had been left to die in Valencia, at noon on a hot sunny day in July (more than 40 degrees in the shade). Mel was another sign for us. We couldn’t help more animals with only our own resources, because our home life at that moment was not matched with our jobs and we needed much more money to save other lives. So, in 2011, we decided to move to Madrid with our new multi-species family, leaving behind friends and human family. We found 4 hectares of land, a place to create the first animal sanctuary un Spain.
Many years have passed since then. The Sanctuary’s family has grown to 290 residents: 13 cows and bulls, 9 horses and donkeys, 90 sheep, 26 goats, 25 pigs, many birds and few rabbits. The project has advanced in a positive way and we are proud to see how we have been able to create a farm animal sanctuary in Madrid, where they have a second chance and where we promote a social change concerning the way we interact or relate to them.
But a Project like Santuario Vegan  requires lots of expenses: rent of land, the purchase of bales of hay and forage in Madrid (where there’s not pasture at all), veterinary care, legal counsel to protect animal rights, etc. Most of the animals that come to us are sick or injured. Some of them are very old and their specialized treatments and diet are very expensive.
We have big plans for the future of these animals, with the same enthusiasm of the first day. Each live saved, each complaint won, each person who decides not to eat meat… is a real triumph for us. But we need your help, animals need your help.
Neither this world in general, nor Spain in particular, is a place particularly friendly to animals. That’s why we need you. We can guarantee that, with your support, we’ll do everything in our power to change it.

Thank you for reading this.

Laura Luengo and Eduardo Terrer

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