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"These robots may look small, but together their support powers up this entire thing!"

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"Small as they are, they come and go, fixing the tiny problems and helping where others can't reach"

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  •  My thanks for your support and help in pursuing my dream 
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"The most esential of elements of a good base, these robots are the pilars of any good creator"

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  • My thanks for your support and help in pursuing my dream  
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About Sanyo2100

This is Sanyo2100, artist, cartoonist and brony with a passion for drawing and creating brand new words, new ideas and new creatures!

You may know me from DeviantArt where I post the bulk of my art, many of my most famous pics are there, but I also draw my fair share of smut and sexy things that you may have found on NewgroundsDerpibooru, Twitter or Inkbunny . Be whatever it be that brough you, any and all are welcome here as I share my drawings, ideas and pictures with you!

But alas, I can't do this without help, as much as I would love to draw endlessly, there's bills to pay and there you may be able to help. From even so little as $1 per month you'll be helping me incredibly so, helping me ease my worries so I can focus on my drawings! But worry not, any and all drawings and future projects will ALL be released for the full public once they are finished, no paywalls, no exclusivities, this is merely to aid me keeping you all entertained and helping me making my dream of being a full-time artist come true! 

Thank you all for listening and 


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With this I'll be able to pay for some of the daily necesities, such as bus money, pocket money and other small things. ALL TIERS WILL HAVE 5% DISCOUNT ON THEIR COMMISSIONS, PERMANENTLY!~
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