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You lovely, lovely people. You don't have to pay me a single penny, but you have chosen to give me 100 pennies a month just to pay my wages. Just for being a patron, you will have access to me in a private channel on my Discord server. I talk to my patrons there about the videos I make. They see some of the behind-the-scenes work. They provide me with opinions on things. They become my trusted partners in this endeavor. You are also now absolved of all Ad Blocker sins when viewing my channel.
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Bishop Cipranian

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 You are just awesome! I'm beside myself with glee! But I'm also anxious to let you know what you get for pledging this much to me. However, the best place to find out is in the much bigger channel description. Check it out and you'll see that you get tons of value out of this. Here's a short list: access to Minecraft servers, miscellaneous servers, a great community, and more! 

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Noble Cipranian

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You people amaze me! Find out what you get by reading the description. Check it out and you'll see that you get tons of value out of this. Here's a short list: access to Minecraft servers, miscellaneous servers, a great community, ability to be in my videos, and more!

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About Saphrym

I'm told I'm "dad jokes wrapped in a calming voice." I'm going to take that as a compliment and make videos, stream gameplay, and just hang out with the community that has grown slowly but steadily into an amazing family I love to be a part of!

Originally, this section talked all about how I want to be a professional writer and how this Patreon would help me reach that goal by providing me the funds I need as I reach for that goal. Wanna read it? I saved it just in case.

Yeah. That changed. How'd it change? Well, I started recording videos on YouTube. I did a couple of Let's Play videos. I had a lot of fun recording them. I then had just as much fun editing them. And I've been able to even put some fictional writing as part of them. In other words, I got REALLY excited about what I was doing. So is the fictional writing still important to me? Of course! It always will be. But I like the concept of doing it in a mixed-media manner. And the way I'm creating my content now, I would definitely consider it mixed-media, and it's allowing me to pursue all of the forms of creativity I've ever been interested in.

I will also write. I'll also create tutorials and such since teaching is my other passion. I will create graphics for people much like I always have. However, this time I'll be recording it because it's fun to do so.

So that is what I'm going to do. Any money earned here will be used to make my creative endeavors lucrative enough to continue doing what I love. I will also spend it towards improving the equipment I use to make this content for you.

That's a good question. What DO you get? Even if you don't sign up as a patron and just join our Discord at, you'll get to hang out with one of the best communities out there. Nice people being nice to other nice people. Everyone is awesome in this community of ours.

If you sign up as a Knight Cipranian, you get my undying appreciation. That's one thing you get. You also get access to me in a private channel on my Discord and you'll end up in any patron monuments or the like that I do/make. 

If you signed up as a Bishop Cipranian, you get even more:
  • You get access to all of the patron servers. That includes 3 Minecraft servers and 2 or 3 other miscellaneous servers.
  • You get to hang out with the same community I mentioned earlier in private chat rooms geared toward the Nobles.
  • I have plans for a future "members only" site that will have behind-the-scenes stuff like how I do the things I do (editing, recording, graphic design, writing, etc.). You'll have access to that also.

If you signed up as a Noble Cipranian, you get even more:

  • You get everything the Bishops get plus the following:
  • You get access to be in my videos or streams. This isn't a scheduled thing that you might be able to do once a month. ANYTIME I am in the recording or live voice channels on the Discord, you can come hang out and talk with me. And if I'm on a patron server, you can come join me too. Don't be shy. You can ask my community, I'm good at just rolling with whatever comes my way.
  • Anything else my brain comes up with to give to you people because you're amazing for supporting little ole' me.

Any servers I may have as parts of rewards or, just using in my content, are sponsored by Akliz. They are amazing people and have the best service I've ever seen.

29% complete
Between server hosting, website hosting, business internet, etc. the business is costing money. If the current goal is reached, this business pays for itself on a monthly basis.
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