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  • Patreon Feed
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Mae govannen!

My name is Sarah and I’m an independent artist currently wandering the wooded hills of Scotland. My passion is painting the beautiful scenery I come across, especially forests. My business name is Sarah Burns Studio.

I usually use graphite, watercolor, gouache, and occasionally oil and acrylic and digital. I guess you could say I love it all! I’m also a photographer, and take lots of reference photos to share with other artists!

Why am I here?
Through my Patreon page I want to share what I learn, as I am self-taught in painting and still figuring everything out. I know how it feels to start with no direction, and how confusing it can all be. I've been painting almost every single day since 2015 and have made it my career, so I am walking proof that it's possible!
I enjoy sharing my inspiration, learning tools, techniques, and experiences with other artists. I want this to be a community.
If you consider joining me, just know that all your support helps me continue this journey!

What is Patreon?
It’s like a subscription service for art lovers!
If you like my work and want to support me, paint with me, have a look inside my sketchbooks, ask me questions, get reference photos, etc., this is the best way.
Patreons play an active role in making my dream a reality. Each day I wake up with a fire in my heart, excited to create something new.

How does it work?

You pledge a fixed amount each month to receive whatever rewards you want. Even just $2 helps a ton - it all adds up!
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By pledging a monthly amount, you are not only supporting me, but you also receive lots of cool rewards (depending on which tier you choose)!
Have a look for yourself!
The support I receive from my Patreon family helps me grow as an artist. It means I don’t have to take on as many commissions to pay the bills, which gives me more time to pursue my goals and provide more cool content.

Live Art Streams
I stream my art live on Twitch at, and starting November 2019, I'll be doing live streams on YouTube as well as exclusive Patreon streams!

I teach my monthly Paintalong tutorials! (See below)
You are welcome to stop by and watch my process, ask questions, or just hang out!

Live Art Tutorials

These tutorials are catered towards all skill levels but especially beginners. I mostly teach watercolor and we do a variety of landscapes. My Patreons receive the final full-length Paintalong tutorial videos so they can pause, rewind, and practice for however long they want.

You can find more info about Paintalongs (including a supply list) on my website.

Discord Chat:
My Patreons are welcome to join me in our private Discord chat server where we can have daily discussions! Feel free to share your art, photos of your cat, or ask questions. It’s also where I do the critiques for $5+ Patreons.

Please note that I will occasionally update my rewards based on what I feel will suit my supporters.
I don’t do it often (once a year, maybe) and I always give everyone plenty of notice first!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to talk to you soon!

Art Website
Twitter | Instagram
$675 of $750 per month
HOLY COW! Thank you!!!
Meeting this goal means half of my monthly expenses are covered! Thank you so much for supporting my dream!

If we hit this goal (in addition to previous goals):
  • I will create at least one monthly full-length Patreon-exclusive tutorial based on your requests! It will be up to two hours in length, in whatever mediums you request, answering your questions and doing demos of whatever you want.
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