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About SE Dunaway

Hello and welcome!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my page and taking the moment to get to know me. I'm SE Dunaway. I currently work as a law librarian, but I've known that I've wanted write a fantasy book since I was in middle school.

Even though I attended a rigorous college preparatory school, I had the benefit of creative writing teachers instead of traditional English teachers in middle school. Instead of diagramming sentences, we wrote short stories, poetry, and plays. The teachers brought in authors like Jack Gantos and Tracy Barrett to speak to us. I began devouring fantasy books, which provided an escape from my all of my teenage angst. In addition to obsessing over Harry Potter like the rest of my generation, I devoured every single fantasy book in our school library. Some of my favorite, most inspiring, and most influential reads at this time were The Golden Compass, Dealing with Dragons, The Once and Future King, and The Mists of Avalon. I was utterly inspired and envious of all of the authors that I read and met. What a wonderful accomplishment, to write something that others enjoyed reading and to have the ability to create a fantastical world that was believable and authentic.

Fast forward about fifteen years and here I am; still dreaming about writing a fantasy book. What happened? Why am I just now getting around to seriously trying to write something?

Life. Life happened.

I went to college and studied Spanish literature. Then I went to law school and worked as an immigration attorney. Then I went to library school and became a law librarian (my current gig). Between high school and college, I became so focused on having a career, making money, and paying off student loan debt (and interest) that I let the creative side of my life slip away with the excuse of "I just don't have time."

Now, I'm making time.

Virginia Woolf famously wrote that writers need to have a room of their own and five hundred pounds a year in order to create. When you calculate for inflation, increased costs of living/skyrocketing rent costs, and student loan interest rates, today's reality is a little bit higher. But, $500 in one year seems like a great place for me to start.

Your support helps me pay for WordPress, Scrivener, and other monthly costs that come with creating things on the internet. You are helping me pay for research costs and expenses.

Why I’ve Chosen Patreon: I have a full time day job, a husband in nursing school full-time who I support, and an aspiring writing career. Unfortunately the writing career, like many dreams and passions, has taken a back seat due to the cost and time involved with being a fully functioning adult and the sole income earner of a family. I love my day job, but I’m getting tired and frustrated with constantly putting my novel on the backburner. Working 8am-6pm most days doesn’t leave me with a lot of energy to write at the end of it, but that’s what I do because that’s how you finish a book. However, doing this forces me to choose between competing needs: write, or get some stress-relieving exercise? Write, or do marketing work like blog posts and social media? Write, or cook dinner, do the laundry, clean the house, and go grocery shopping so that my husband can keep studying and do well in school? Lately, I haven’t been able to choose “write” as much as I should, so finishing my book and getting it out into the world is taking longer than I wanted it to. But really, the time crunch and financial pressures are taking a toll on every part of my life. I can’t remember the last time I took a real, non-working vacation. I’m not as healthy as I should be. I’m constantly feeling guilty about neglecting my book.

Don’t worry; I’ve got a great therapist. But something’s got to give, and unfortunately it tends to be my writing. I’d really like to reverse that trend so I’ve come here to collaborate with:
  • Readers and curiosity seekers, who want to be involved in keeping the creativity flow alive,
  • Fans and friends who love me and who, in place of taking me to real life coffee or dinner, would use this as a way to put a little slack into an otherwise austere author budget.

The most immediate goal is to try to get all expenses for hosting and servicing my website, marketing, media, and email streams self-sustaining. If funding goes beyond those basics then I would like to use those additional funds to pay for little luxuries that will free up my time outside of work and cut down on my stress: food/grocery delivery service, cleaning service, landscape service etc.

What You Get in Exchange*: My biggest challenge has been finding ways to provide value at each patronage level. Most writers and creators seem to do this by offering new exclusive content but since I labor over my work (read: I'm slow) and already give away the best of me for free, that doesn't leave much wiggle-room for coming up with more without eating into my limited writing time which would defeat the whole purpose of setting this up. I've done my best to offer what I'm able based on what I thought might be of value to you. If there’s something else you'd appreciate instead, please tell me about it.

* It kind of goes without saying but long-term future rewards that may or may not materialize--such as free copies of books that have yet to be published--are only able to distribute to patrons who are active at the time the reward becomes available.

About Me:
SE Dunaway was born and raised in Tennessee, where she continues to reside with her husband, their cat Erso, and an ever growing pile of unread books. She loves coffee, outer space, dark chocolate with red wine, the mountains, and good books. When her nose isn’t shoved into a book or her manuscript, you can find her at Vanderbilt University where she is a Law Librarian for Reference Services and a Lecturer in Law.

Until we meet again, I’ll look for you under the stars.
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When we hit this goal I'll answer your questions (even the most obnoxious ones) in a patron-only post here on Patreon.
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