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$1 /mo
You are contributing towards keeping me alive! What a swell idea; enjoy that toasty glow in the tips of your fingers!

$5 /mo
Once a month you will get a secret Patreon-supporters-only picture! Be one of the cool kids and earn the right to wear sunglasses indoors.

$10 /mo
Here's where you get to the neat stuff; at the 10 dollar mark you will get access to unseen sketches! Preparation doodles, character designs, comic page thumbnails, even things that never made the ...

$20 /mo
Well aren't you just a gem; for 20 dollars you will have access to step-by steps of comic pages and individual art pieces. If there is something specific you would like an insight to, be it a recen...

$50 /mo
Whoa golly! If you hit the 50 then you get all of the previous rewards, my undying gratitude, and full-sized files of various pictures and doodles, doodle-comics or whatever else you would like! If...

$100 /mo
HOT BANANA SOUFFLE aren't you a wild one! For the 100 dollar mark I will draw you a full body character picture! This can either be;

- line, no colour, up to 3 characters

- line and simpl...