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This is how I do it: The unabridged diary of a founder + single mom

“I don’t know how you do it…”

When I started Pando on maternity leave with my first child, I spent the next year running into investors -- whether they’d funded me or not-- who would put a hand on my arm and whisper this phrase with a mixture of incredulousness and awe.

I liked the awe part. After I had kids I never felt as insecure in a room full of agro men. I’d tell myself, “I’ve given birth… TWICE. Can anyone here do that?” Yes, you should be in awe of me.

But the incredulous part isn’t so great. What I soon realized was how literally many successful men in the industry meant this phrase. Because most of them had wives who didn’t work and 98% of their deals go to men, they literally could not fathom how I was doing this. It was outside their pattern recognition, which sucks when you are a female CEO because venture capitalists rely on pattern recognition, regardless of the bias we know that creeps into it.

Now, building my second venture backed company, having beaten those narrow odds of fundraising twice at more than double the average amount most female CEOs raise, I want a space to openly talk about how I do it. As Chairman Mom grows to its full multi-billion market cap potential, I want to show those who can’t quite grok a single mom in her 40s with limited resources building a massive Internet company how I did it. I want to inspire women who think they can’t, to try. (There’s nothing that special about me, I assure you.) And I want to do a tiny bit every single day of the rest of my career to BREAK. THE. PATTERN.

So welcome to the revamped version of my Patreon. After doing more than 100 podcasts where some of the most successful women in the tech and media world talked about how they did it, and launching Chairman Mom where thousands more women talk about how they do it every day, this is now going to be my space for talking about how I do it. Out of the gate, I’ll do two posts a week: One with all my product/media/efficiency recommendations I’ve uncovered each month as someone who consumes a huge amount of media and technology. The second will be a more personal, very honest, no holds barred diary of my month as a founder.

If you’ve supported this Patreon for the last few years, I’d love you to continue to support it. I’d love if you’d share it with other men or women who’ve uttered that phrase: I don’t know how she/I/you do it….”

Cause I’ll tell you one way I’ve done it over the last few years: The sometimes hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars a month I’ve gotten from this Patreon. Show me a 40-year old single mom with two kids in San Francisco working for a startup, and I’ll show you a woman who could use an extra $500 a month to keep her kids in their school and their home. This Patreon has literally paid my mortgage at times.

So thanks for your support and thanks for coming along on my journey!
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If we reach 2,000 per show, we'll add a fifth show per month where we interview dad entrepreneurs. This show and my book is primarily about the strength of mothers, but there are a lot of men out there who support amazing women, sharing the load and learning from their strength. And just as perceptions of mothers need to change in our world, perceptions of dads do too. At the $2,000.00/show goal, we'll bring their voices into the conversation!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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