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What is Ravens In The Attic?
Ravens In The Attic is a digital literary magazine based around the theme of Gothic literature and themes used therein. It is a regularly updating site, with new content being posted on Saturdays.

What makes Ravens In The Attic different?
We at Ravens believe that creators should be paid for their work, and as such pay our writers, poets, artists etc for the right to use their work. The amount we pay is:
$30 NZD per poem
$30 NZD per prose up to 2,500 words
$30 NZD for cover art.
This ensures that writers get treated with fairness and respect, and that Ravens is getting the best content possible.

Why does this patreon exist?
While we are firm believers that people should be paid for their work, we cannot keep this system running indefinitely. As such we need you, our (hopefully) interested fans, to help us achieve our goals. Pledging to support us allows us to grow our site and bring on more writers, as well as pay writers better. We will also be able to bring in more content.

How does this help pay writers better?
Once we reach our monthly goal the plan is: each month that we go over the goal, the surplus will be divided 80/20 between that issue's contributors and the editor, with the 80% being divided among contributors and 20% going to cover any costs the editor incurs/pay the editor.

We know that our success comes from the writers/poets/artists we employ, and believe that they in turn should be rewarded for helping us succeed. As such, your pledge (once we surpass our goal) will directly help the contributors, and will hopefully help them grow.

Where can I learn more?
Visit our websites Q&A to learn about our policies, our submission guidelines and any other information.
$0.78 of $165 per month
When I reach $165 per month, this will help me be able to purchase four individual pieces of work, bringing in new artists and expanding the range of pieces I publish.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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