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Creating Illustrations & Stories of Idirath

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About Sarah MW Miller


Hello! I’m Sarah ~ dark fantasy illustrator, writer, designer, and mental health advocate. I create surreal paintings to explore the mind, and in doing so, have created an entire world inside my own. For years I've carried these stories, characters, and ideas within me. Now, I've finally found a way to tell them, and bring my words to my art!

The first of these stories will take the form of a webcomic, in a tale called Crow & Arrow ~


A purgatory realm for the lost and departed, a place outside of time. It is here our story begins: when a wounded knight awakens with no memory of who he was, or from where he wandered. Arrow, with the help of a talking crow, must find his way forward—toward life or death as he chooses—before the nightmares within consume what is left of him.

Join me on this existential journey, where Crow & Arrow's story begins, and be a part of my dark fantasy world as it unfolds!
Let us step into the unknown together~


As a creator, I primarily make a living by selling my paintings at conventions and art shows, and by supplementing the time in-between with commission work. Since COVID, however, I not only lost my main source of income, but I had to re-work the entire model of my business (which had barely gotten started) just to stay afloat. Your support helps keep my art alive and offers me the freedom and stability to create without worry or distractions. Though I've enjoyed creating for others, I want to rely less on commission work and focus more on the original art and stories I can't wait to share with the world. ♥️ With your help, I can take my art further, give more content back to you, the community, and finally self-publish my illustrated novel(s)—a dream I've carried for many years~

✨ You can also help by buying prints at my SHOP!


Patreon allows fans to fund their favorite projects and creators. If you like my work and want to help bring my illustrated novel(s) to life, become a Patron by choosing a pledge tier up above (^). In turn, I give back to you by offering exclusive perks and rewards based on the tier you choose!
These include rewards such as:
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  • Patreon-exclusive art
  • Crow & Arrow chapters (and future stories) as they're written!

  • Patrons will be charged for their chosen pledge upon signup, and all future payments will renew on the 1st of each month. Any Rewards or post content will be released from me to you on the first Monday after the 5th  (or a day or two late, if life happens), after charges have been processed. You can change or cancel your pledge at any time, and even set a monthly maximum so you can stay within your budget. :)
    For more information on charging, check out this helpful PAGE.
    If you're new to Patreon and have further questions, you can find most of the answers you need right HERE~

    As I share posts with you each month, my page, and even my reward tiers, may grow with me as my project evolves. That said, I'd love to know your thoughts along this journey, and greatly encourage your input and feedback at all times!
    To all my Patrons, past and future, know how grateful I am for your love and support. I will always do my best to give back to you in beautiful content what you have given to me in trust. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


    Artists of all trades create for self-expression—to give voice to a part of them that felt voiceless. For me, that voice comes from the struggles, and beauty, of living with an autistic mind and all its comorbidities. My art explores disorder, identity, morality—the questions, experiences, and symptoms that burn brightest within me. And yet, as unique and isolating as existence can feel, I know I'm not alone. Many of us struggle our entire lives with who we are, with feeling detached, lost, and frustrated from how little we understand our minds, and with how few resources there are to help us get to know them.

    I want to use my experiences, and the skills that I've nurtured, to share art and stories that encourage others to find that voice within themselves. To create a more open atmosphere where people can feel less alone with who they are. I want to talk about mental health by shining light on the dark places we're afraid to look. And one day, I hope you can share your own stories.

    Here's to the ones we'll create together~

    We are all alike in how alone we feel with our minds. Art is how we tell each other, ‘I’m here too. We can be alone together.'


    🌙 Visit my WEBSITE to join my Artist Newsletter & get early release announcements on new print series, as well as bi-annual updates on everything I'm working on inside my studio!
    💀 You can also FOLLOW ME on any of my social sites to see more of my day-to-day~
    🌻 Learn more about Autism from ASAN and helpful institutions <3
    ⚫ Find Mental Health Resources HERE
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    Less bills = More Creative freedom! It's easy to spread myself thin between maintaining business goals and leaning on commission work, but now I can focus more time on art output! With better equipment, I will be able to create video & tutorial content for my art + world-building processes~
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