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About Sarah Newton

Hi everyone - and welcome to the "Sarah Newton Patreon page"! Patreon is an amazing thing, and I'm absolutely delighted to be able to use it to talk to you. If you're here, it's probably because you already know me - I'm a passionate writer of science-fiction, fantasy, and roleplaying games, a literature, languages, and history geek, a mad-eyed futurologist and analyser of geopolitics, and generally someone who is driven to spend every waking hour (okay, and most of my sleeping ones, too) churning out a stream-of-consciousness wave of creativity which never seems to end. 

Thanks to you, over the past ten years, I've been able to make a living of sorts doing this. With my own company, Mindjammer Press, with other companies such as Chaosium and Modiphius Entertainment, and in anthologies and magazines throughout the fiction and roleplaying worlds, I've been immensely privileged to be allowed to do what I do. All of you who have bought anything I've been involved with, all of you who've told me what you've liked in my writing (and even what you don't!) - you've inspired me to keep going, to keep reading, thinking, and expressing myself. It's been an exhilarating ride!

Of course, not all of my work is immediately convertible into sellable product. In the world of traditional commerce, that means it's *damn hard* to spend time doing - it has to be squeezed in those spare space-time interstices between waking and working, and even then it gets pinched between other tasks. And that, of course, is the beauty of Patreon!

Creativity doesn't happen out of thin air. It takes fuel. For my part, I read voraciously, genre fiction, general fiction, literature, history, science, anthropology, occultism, astrophysics, cosmology, futurology, philosophy, roleplaying games. I read in English and in French, and increasingly write in both. Not everything I write gets published - it gets read by a few people, but largely lurks in sheaves of papers, waiting for the light of day. 

Over the past few months, many of you have encouraged me to think of Patreon as a way of joining us together - to allow me to give you a glimpse into this mad creative whirl in which I live, and to ask you, in all love and humility, if you would become patrons of my creative work, contributing a monthly amount of whatever you would like to keep me reading, writing, conceptualising and creating. The more I'm able to do this, the purer and clearer my creations are - any creative artist throughout history will tell you that it's thanks to the direct relationship between artist and audience that the miracle of creation happens, and I'm hoping you'll join me and light that spark here!

So, please take a look around. What I'm going to do here is to give you an insight into my creative life, in all its forms. Writing a biweekly creative journal; posting on alternate weeks working notes of roleplaying game and fiction projects, maps and worldbuilding projects; revealing to you previously unpublished fiction works, including snippets of work in progress. I'd also like to hear from you - ask me questions, tell me things you'd like me to talk about, and I'll do so. The things I post here may be related to Mindjammer Press or other projects, but equally they may be completely unrelated, connected with my other creative activities here in France. I hope you'll find the journey we take together interesting - and I'm hoping too to find this an inspiring experience, being able to communicate directly with you as patrons and artists should.

Thanks for reading - and welcome!

Normandy, France, 5th March 2019
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Once we reach this goal, I'll produce a 30-minute audio recording once per month, of me either reading a piece of my work (a short story, chapter, or article), or discussing a topic currently obsessing me. I may invite people to thoughtcast with me! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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