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About Sarah Lee Scutt

I'm a mother of four, an author, crafter, musician and any other creative title you can think of, but mostly, I'm an author. In the hills of Upstate New York, I type away in the little office I like to call my Closet of Inspiration. Because it used to be a closet. Luckily it's a large one.

In here, I write short stories that I submit to literary journals, articles that pay me in pennies, and my first novel. Straight from my brain to my fingertips. 

Follow me on my journey. I can be Dorothy and you can be the Tin Man. We can go find the Wizard of Book Deals together. Or I can be the Tin Man if you want. I'm cool like that. Just not the Cowardly Lion, because there is no place for cowards here.

I invite you into my world. Come in and have a cup of tea. Or a shot of whiskey.

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