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is creating Autiobiographical Comics and Art
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About Sara Jewell


I'm a queer New Jersey-based Art/English teacher with a degree in graphic narrative and visual literacy. 

This Patreon will encompass all of the work I do: lyrical fiction and autobiographical nonfiction, figurative illustration, comics, and graphic vignettes. Much of it won't be behind a paywall. If you choose to be a patron, I generally only charge for complete PDFs of longer comics. Thank you so much for your support!

Patron support means that I can keep doing what I love: making interesting, meaningful artwork that serves the purpose of making visible that which otherwise remains unseen. As an artist, much of my work has been intimately connected to necessity of compassion and empathy, and the way in which artistic endeavors are uniquely suited to foster connection between people. Patron support means bolstering my pursuit of education, access to the materials necessary to write and draw, and a community in which to share and connect.
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