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Even a dollar adds up so this is really appreciated! At this tier you get your name in the credits of all future videos! PM me a name if if you want to use something different from your name on patreon. (I will not display/read out any names I feel are trying to be offensive)


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The first peep gets this so they can feel special and can say they knew me before I was cool (note: I will probably never be cool)

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Heck, thank, this is a lot to give to me!  At this tier you get the features of a smol peep, and also access to my future videos a day early! It's like  you're in a special secret club where you get to make fun of the have nots! Favoritism! (note: do not actually make fun of the have nots)




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About Sara Talks

Hi! I'm Sara! I'm a trans girl who has begun her foray into the wonderful world of Youtube video essays, on my channel Sara Talks! (Find it here!) I'm gonna primarily make content slanted towards media analysis with the occasional review type content (currently slanted towards anime and games but I do plan on making videos about other things in the future) as that's what I personally feel I have the most to offer y'all with. If you're here, chances are you've already seen something I've made but in case you haven't here is an example of my work:

If you like what you've seen it would mean a lot for me if you could pledge me whatever support you can. The money from this will help me with things such as my transition (gotta get money for that legal name change and those new clothes and all that). I'll also be able to use money to obtain things such as more recent media, like new games and shows and movies, which will help me make more topical content you all can enjoy, as well as buying better equipment to help make my videos even better! Any amount you can pledge is a good amount, and so is sharing my stuff with friends, loved ones, or your local discord server and the like! In the mean time, thank you for whatever support you can give! I truly love you all!

Find me on:



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Triple digits! At this point, the patreon is really helping me buy non essential stuff, making it easier to devote time to videos!
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