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About Discursive Anomalies

Heya! It's me, social media user sargoth! Thank you for reading this instead of doing literally all other possible things in the universe!

If you've found this page, you're likely to have done it through twitter or one of the many, many blogs. I start one every year as an experiment to see how they will turn out, and over the years they have become legion. As these are texts I would have written regardless of Patreon, there are and will be no supporter bonuses or unlocks. This is not a Patreon-driven effort, and this page exists on the off-chance that my writing might in some way, some day, pay the rent. However, if you do decide to spare a coin or five, you get my undying and eternal gratitude, guaranteed 100% blockchain-free. I've written at length about my commitment to not having rewards here.

That said, Patreon is currently my only source of income.This information may or may not be relevant to your decision to donate.

There is a discord server wherein new posts are discussed as they appear. You too can become part of this republic of letters by using this invite.

What follows is a list of links to the aforementioned blogs. If you find any of their associated keywords interesting, do give 'em a click, to see what's what.

A small book of big moods: on the emotional vocabulary of the I Ching.
A big book of small moods: small vignettes depicting slices of life.
Discursive anomalies: critiques, observations and other oddities.
Anomalous discourses: explorations of invisible cities and other equally real things.
More longer friend see that sky: ideas, drafts and attempts.
Topoi for thought: urban planning and social theory.
Something magnificent and extraordinary: an exploration of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Happy readings!
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This is it. The pie in the sky goal of being able to pay both my internet bill and my rent using internet money. The total implosion of hyperspace into ordinary space.
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