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I work a lot to give you many and different kind of content. That takes all my  free time, and even more as it grows. Support me here as a creator and it will make me continue and create more for you!
You will get an access to a special bonus content. What kind?(^.^) That's a secret, because it's more exciting that way, right?
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Wanna impress me? :)

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Few donates like that, and I could furnish my filming room: buy a gamer's cute chair) get some cute stuffed toys and the best webcamera for some of my videos, like Logitec Streamcam ) and LED lights all over (0.0).....(^.^)  in your dream.
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About Sasha

My name is Sasha.

 Let me introduce myself:

  • First of all I'm a musician, and love to create music ( if you want to support me and donate for a music video filming, here's the Patreon
I love:
  • sing and dance (
  • create of funny comics on Instagram and Webtoon, here is my Blinkypaws Patreon
  • do reactions on music videos on my YouTube channel.
  • also do beauty cosmetics and fashion reviews.
  • also have a second channel where I share with the people my (author's music.

I will need your support for so many things and projects, but I will mention just a few, at least:

If you like my music videos reactions, help me to improve the video quality - to buy a good web camera, a gamer's chair, some cute accessories for the filming so my videos would look just great!(and be competitive to other bloggers^^) Now, the picture and audio in in my videos is how it is, hehe.

I am uploading my music on Soundcloud for free. Free account is going to finish after reaching 3 hours of music, and that's pretty soon. Support me, so I could buy a Premium Soundcloud for storing my music, and you will be able to listen to it all!

Of course there are so many expenses, like new software, music and video equipment, and etc.. all of that costs money. Even to distribute just one song costs 10$. Like, I have a VEVO channel on YouTube, where I was uploading my music only, but since that service became paid, I couldn't continue my VEVO,I stopped uploading there, even people in the comments asking me what happened. But, it's too expensive for me to continue, unless you will not support me and I will buy a premium service and start to upload my VEVO channel again.
I also need to spend cash on advertisement and promotion of my comics,at least, on Instagram. Without promotion,the only thing that works is hashtags, and they actually are not working(0.o) So without your help ,my comics Instagram will stock unknown, in the middle of nowhere forever.

Better if I could get the promotion and advertisement for my YouTube videos and music too, because without it everything goes really slow.

If you are interested, request me please, and I will film videos where I am gonna tell you all I know about content promotion, pushing and competition.Normally people not aware about that, how important the promotion is in any show business section. And any specialist knows that as a simple basic rule, which has to be respected in order to reach for the goals and get the popularity. Success does not come without all this, everyone who is successful had investments at the beginning of the path.

So, indisputably, that has to be done with no questions) Only you can sponsor that.
I can even write some articles on that subject, only for Patrons here.
Of course you are not donating just to the air, you'll get bonuses. If you are not looking for the bonus but just want to support, then you are cool, big thanks to you and I really appreciate that guys,I am sure you know what I mean.

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