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Thankyou for showing interest. You are helping me to carry on doing what I'm really good at...I hope you enjoy the videos I put up on youtube, I'd like to follow you on twitter, if you have it, and please hangout in google...
per video performances, MP3 creations and teaching videos
Thankyou! I am giving you free MP3 downloads of any music I record (PLUS the previous Thankyou reward level).
per video performances, MP3 creations and teaching videos
Once a year, at the appointed time, I will send you a Happy Birthday played on the Nyckelharpa with your name emblazoned across the video (or another persons name) and email or facebook it to you. (PLUS all previous Thankyou reward levels)



About saskia tomkins

Hello folks,
I am a musician - I play bowed strings mostly.

(...fine print, incase you're lost on this page: the left column is my goals, should I raise enough money: at the bottom is what I can offer you if you pledge. BTW you set a limit on the maximum you donate!)

I have been a professional performer and teacher for nigh on 25 years. It's not always easy but it fills my soul up and seems to please others too. I love playing, I love performing, I love creating, I love teaching. Lucky me for having such a life. I also created 3 amazing children, which though totally wonderful people, are expensive to keep.

Many years ago, artists relied on patrons to support their art, but they became less common. Now, is filling that need again and uniting modern creators with the necessary funds to keep doing what they do. I think a big shout out to the genius behind it, Jack Conte, is in order! I am so delighted to have stumbled across this community, and am looking forward to you doing what you do best, to help me do what I do best, so I don't have to sell my children (just kidding!). Luckily for me, they are insanely talented too, and they sometimes join me performing on film. You are welcome to  watch my youtube videos for free, and I'd never want someone to give what they haven't got, but if you can give financially, in return for your support, I have much to give back.

A bit about me: I started violin when I was 7 years old in a school near Canterbury in England. Fell in love with Celtic music age 11 when a fiddler came to teach at my school.  Spent my entire teenage time gigging in pubs, busking on street corners and playing in orchestras. I learnt to read the dots, to improvise, to swing, to have fun with music. While studying for a degree in jazz/popular music, I was introduced to eastern European music, playing for dancers and the viola - what a wonderful instrument! I also fell in love with the Nyckelharpa but owning that instrument came into my life much later.
I toured with theatre companies (About this time the 'cello wandered into my life). I subbed for fiddlers in bands, I played around with electric sounds, rocked out with singer-songwriters, punk and Cajun music and ceilidhs. Then I met another amazing musician, had 3 children, moved to Canada, and here I am. Since being in this great country, among many things, I helped develop the music for the hit show "Come From Away", I work most years at 4th Line Theatre, Ontario, and I teach at various specialist music camps. I also play in 2 orchestras and on other peoples albums as a session musician.

I have several groups with albums: Clan Hannigan (my Celtic family band), 2ish (a rootsy/jazzy duo), Cairdeas, a Celtic trio with world music twist, and of course a duo with my husband Steafan Hannigan. I am always available for hire, in person or virtually.
                             Thankyou for taking the time....see you on the web!
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$100 a month not only allows me to replace my strings when they need to (about every 6 months), it also allows me to rehair my bows several times a year and buy things like rosin (the sticky stuff you rub on the bow) and other parifinalia.
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