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SassyPants Adventures looks to inspire others to escape the mundane of everyday routines and adventure out of their comfort zones to experience and expand their world. Confronted by a debilitating medical diagnosis I, SassyPants SarahP, realized that my life can and should be fulfilling now. Often my entertainment routine involved binge watching television and scrolling the Internet between my work-centric existence, leaving me unsatisfied and feeling empty. It was my false beliefs that the freedom to put energy into enjoying life was a selfish and expensive endeavor that I would only earn by making it to retirement. Now I am providing insight into my journeys and I am dedicated to motivating others to not wait until the end of their life to engage. This includes a website ( with a blog of my adventures, tips and ideas to get people started, a forum for asking questions to get answers and also here (on videos that allow viewers to be immersed in the adventures and live vicariously until they too believe it is possible for themselves to become an avid adventurer.
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