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You love space, you love what we do, you're with us. And we are truly thankful! Every once in a while we'll randomly select a stargazer to join us for a drink and some fun conversations about the Universe and all the matter(s) in it.

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You're enthusiastic about what we do and want to make your first steps. With this tier, you can submit your name and we'll broadcast it with gratitude from our first CubeSat mission.

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Looking at the stars and following isn't enough - you want the technical details, and we'll give them to you. Junior Investigators can call us over Skype or get some tips for their science projects. 


The SAT-1 Initiative is a space technology non-profit.

We give young engineers, scientists and creators the opportunity to hone their skills and demonstrate ingenuity by developing small spacecraft and innovative technologies. 

The Initiative is putting creative minds at work to solve complex engineering and scientific problems, with a focus on producing cascading technological benefits. The first phase of our quest begins with a small step - Efir, a 1U technology demonstration CubeSat to track the health of our planet's forest systems. 

This will be followed by larger CubeSats on Lunar and interplanetary missions. Each of them will demonstrate a new technology in communications, propulsion, energy, data processing or materials. Each of these missions will be done in partnership with universities, companies and R&D entities, spreading the benefits far and wide and speeding up our expansion into space. 
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Specific mission design and development tasks: Efir CubeSat
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